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Robot Framework library, listener and pre-run modifier for working with TestRail

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RobotFramework Testrail

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Robot Framework library, listener and pre-run modifier for working with TestRail.


pip install robotframework-testrail


See documentation on GitHub.


How to enable TestRail API

TestRail API Client

Library for working with TestRail.


*** Settings ***
Library    TestRailAPIClient    host    user    password    run_id

*** Test Cases ***
    ${project}=    Get Project    project_id
    ${section}=    Add Section    project_id=${project['id']    name=New Section
    ${case}=       Add Case    ${section['id']}    Title    Steps    Description    Refs    type_id    priority_id
    Update Case    ${case['id']}    request_fields

TestRail Listener

Fixing of testing results and updating test cases.


  1. Create custom field "case_description" with type "text", which corresponds to the Robot Framework's test case documentation.

  2. Create Robot test:

    *** Test Cases ***
    Autotest name
        [Documentation]    Autotest documentation
        [Tags]    testrailid=10    defects=BUG-1, BUG-2    references=REF-3, REF-4
        Fail    Test fail message
  3. Run Robot Framework with listener:

    pybot --listener  robot_suite.robot

    Test with case_id=10 will be marked as failed in TestRail with message "Test fail message" and defects "BUG-1, BUG-2".

    Also title, description and references of this test will be updated in TestRail. Parameter "update" is optional.

TestRail Pre-run Modifier

Pre-run modifier for starting test cases from a certain test run.


  1. Create Robot test:

    *** Test Cases ***
        Autotest name 1
        [Documentation]    Autotest 1 documentation
        [Tags]    testrailid=10
        Fail    Test fail message
        Autotest name 2
        [Documentation]    Autotest 2 documentation
        [Tags]    testrailid=11
        Fail    Test fail message
  2. Run Robot Framework with pre-run modifier:

    pybot --prerunmodifier TestRailPreRunModifier:testrail_server_name:tester_user_name:tester_user_password:run_id:http:results_depth robot_suite.robot

    Only test cases that are included in the test run run_id will be executed.

  3. To execute tests from TestRail test run only with a certain status, for example "failed" and "blocked":

    pybot --prerunmodifier TestRailPreRunModifier:testrail_server_name:tester_user_name:tester_user_password:run_ind:http:results_depth:failed:blocked robot_suite.robot


Apache License 2.0

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