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Create rofi menus via python

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Rofi allows defining custom modes (see the spec).

This lib is a reference implementation with some extra "sugar".


  • simple menu definition via python
  • extendable
  • async in first place
  • allows keeping state during rofi session

Simple demo:

custom menu


  • rofi >= 1.5.4
  • python >= 3.6


Using pip

$ pip install rofi-menu


Create a python script which will be used for rofi mode e.g. (don't forget to mark it as executable -- chmod +x ./

Assuming you installed rofi-menu into a virtual environment (let's say it's ~/.pyenv/versions/rofi/bin/python). Make sure shebang points to the right python executable, e.g. #!/home/user/pyenv/versions/rofi/bin/python.

import rofi_menu

class ProjectsMenu(rofi_menu.Menu):
    prompt = "Projects"
    items = [
        rofi_menu.ShellItem("Project 1", "code-insiders ~/Develop/project1"),
        rofi_menu.ShellItem("Project 2", "code-insiders ~/Develop/project2"),
        rofi_menu.ShellItem("Project X", "code-insiders ~/Develop/projectx"),

class LogoutMenu(rofi_menu.Menu):
    prompt = "Logout"
    items = [
        rofi_menu.ShellItem("Yes", "i3-msg exit", flags={rofi_menu.FLAG_STYLE_URGENT}),
        rofi_menu.ExitItem("No", flags={rofi_menu.FLAG_STYLE_ACTIVE}),

class MainMenu(rofi_menu.Menu):
    prompt = "menu"
    items = [
        rofi_menu.NestedMenu("Projects >", ProjectsMenu()),
            "Downloads (show size)", "du -csh ~/Downloads", show_output=True
        rofi_menu.NestedMenu("Second monitor", rofi_menu.SecondMonitorMenu()),
        rofi_menu.ShellItem("Lock screen", "i3lock -i ~/.config/i3/bg.png"),
        rofi_menu.ShellItem("Sleep", "systemctl suspend"),
        rofi_menu.NestedMenu("Logout", LogoutMenu()),

if __name__ == "__main__":, rofi_version="1.6")  # change to 1.5 if you use older rofi version

Run it as:

$ rofi -modi mymenu:/path/to/ -show mymenu -show-icons

It'll result in

rofi menu

Advanced example

import asyncio
from datetime import datetime
import os

import rofi_menu

class OutputSomeTextItem(rofi_menu.Item):
    """Output arbitrary text on selection"""
    async def on_select(self, meta):
        # any python code
        await asyncio.sleep(0.1)
        return rofi_menu.Operation(rofi_menu.OP_OUTPUT, (
            "💢 simple\n"
            "💥 multi-\n"
            "💫 <b>line</b>\n"
            "💣 <i>text</i>\n"

class DoAndExitItem(rofi_menu.Item):
    """Do something and exit"""
    async def on_select(self, meta):
        os.system('notify-send msg')
        return rofi_menu.Operation(rofi_menu.OP_EXIT)

class CurrentDatetimeItem(rofi_menu.Item):
    """Show current datetime inside menu item"""
    async def load(self, meta):
        self.state ='%A %d. %B %Y (%H:%M:%S)')

    async def render(self, meta):
        return f"🕑 {self.state}"

class CounterItem(rofi_menu.Item):
    """Increment counter on selection"""
    async def load(self, meta):
        await super().load(meta)
        self.state = self.state or 0
        meta.session.setdefault("counter_total", 0)

    async def on_select(self, meta):
        self.state += 1
        meta.session["counter_total"] += 1
        return await super().on_select(meta)

    async def render(self, meta):
        per_menu_item = self.state
        total = meta.session["counter_total"]
        return f"🏃 Selected #{per_menu_item} time(s) (across menu items #{total})"

class HandleUserInputMenu(rofi_menu.Menu):
    allow_user_input = True

    class CustomItem(rofi_menu.Item):
        async def render(self, meta):
            entered_text = meta.session.get("text", "[ no text ]")
            return f"You entered: {entered_text}"

    items = [CustomItem()]

    async def on_user_input(self, meta):
        meta.session['text'] = meta.user_input
        return rofi_menu.Operation(rofi_menu.OP_REFRESH_MENU)

main_menu = rofi_menu.Menu(
        OutputSomeTextItem("Output anything"),
        DoAndExitItem("Do something and exit"),
        rofi_menu.NestedMenu("User input", HandleUserInputMenu()),

if __name__ == "__main__":

advanced example


  • documentation of API
  • examples
  • tests

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