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Rollbar server-side UDP agent

Project description

A daemon that listens on a udp port and pushes messages to Rollbar.

rollbar-udp-agent requires:

- A unix-like system (tested on Fedora Linux and Mac OS X)
- Python 2.6+
- requests 0.13.1+ (will be installed by pip)
- a Rollbar_ account



Obtain a post_server_item access token from your project's Rollbar settings page and execute

ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN=post_server_item_access_token bash -c "$(curl -L"

**Installing with pip**

In a virtualenv, install like so::

sudo pip install rollbar-udp-agent

**init.d script**

rollbar-agent comes with an example init.d script, chkconfig compatible and tested on Fedora Linux, update-rc.d on Ubuntu Linux.

On Ubuntu, you'll need to add to rc.d. Run the following::

update-rc.d rollbar-udp-agent defaults

On Fedora, add to chkconfig::

sudo chkconfig --add rollbar-udp-agent
sudo chkconfig rollbar-udp-agent on

On other systems, check your system's documentation for its equivalent of chkconfig.

Now, start the service::

sudo service rollbar-udp-agent start

To check that it's running, tail its log file::

tail -f /var/log/rollbar-udp-agent.log

Configuration options for rollbar-udp-agent itself are in `/etc/rollbar-udp-agent.conf`.

At the bare minimum, you will want to change the following variables:

- ``api_key`` -- your Rollbar access token, specifically an API token that allows "post_server_item"

The following options are optional and have default values

- ``listen_port`` -- the udp port to listen for messages on (default 7521)
- ``bind_host`` -- interface to listen on (default is all interfaces)
- ``rollbar_url`` -- url to post messages to (default
- ``event_chunk_size`` -- number of events to chunk before sending to rollbar (default 50)
- ``event_chunk_bytes`` -- number of bytes to chunk before sending to rollbar (default 1048576, 1MB)
- ``flush_interval`` -- flush messages to rollbar period (default 30 seconds)
- ``bulk_report`` -- wether to send messages in a single http request or several (default false)


Contributions are welcome. The project is hosted on github at

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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