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A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. Highly customisable.

Project description

I'm proud to release version 1.4.21 of Roundup which has been possible
due to the help of several contributors. This release introduces some
minor features and, as usual, fixes some bugs:


- issue2550782: Added a new irker detector to send notifications on IRC
when an issue is created or messages are added. (Ezio Melotti)
- Beta version of responsive templates using devel schema
and Twitter Bootstrap for styling (Pradip Caulagi)
- pywin32 is not longer required to run on Windows (anatoly techtonik)
- Rewritten logic in ctypes for Windows (anatoly techtonik)
- Add an interface to register clearCache callbacks in roundupdb.
Sometimes complicated computations may require an application cache.
This application can now register a callback to clear the application
cache, because roundup knows better when to clear it (usually when a
transaction ends, either with rollback or with commit). The interface
for this is currently considered experimental. The current interface
is registerClearCacheCallback(self, method, param) where method is
called with param as the only parameter. (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
- Add a script to remove file-spam from a tracker, see
scripts/spam-remover. (Ralf Schlatterbeck)


- issue2550765: Don't show links in calendar that will fail.
Found and fixed by Cedric Krier. (Bernhard)
- issue2550765: use <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> in the
_generic.calendar.html to prevent robots to follow all the links in the
calendar. (Ezio Melotti)
- "BaseException.with_traceback" is not available on Python 2, so use
"raise E, V, T" instead of "raise E(V).with_traceback(T)". This change was
originally introduced in 74476eaac38a. (Ezio Melotti)
- issue2550759: Trailing punctuation is no longer included when URLs are
converted to links. (Ezio Melotti)
- issue2550574: Restore sample detectors removed in roundup 1.4.9
(Thomas Arendsen Hein)
- Prevent AttributeError when removing all roles of a user
(Thomas Arendsen Hein)
- issue2550762 Minor Documentation fix in doc/developers.txt, thanks
to W. Trevor King. (Bernhard Reiter)
- issue2550766: Minor formatting issues in the docs for date properties,
thanks John Kristensen. (Bernhard Reiter)
- issue2550738: Fixes for various documentation typoes,
thanks Nathan Russell. (John Kristensen)
- issue2550756: Fix `oder' typo in mailer.Mailer.bounce_message docstring,
thanks W. Trevor King (John Kristensen)
- Fix basic authentication: instatiating the login action would fail if
the user is not set. We now first set the user to anonymous and then
try basic authentication if enabled. (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
- Fix xmlrpc permissions for lookup method: Allow if the key attribute
is either searchable or viewable, don't check id attribute (Ralf
- Fix installation documentation (section Prerequisites) to require at
least python 2.5, thanks to John P. Rouillard for discovering this.
(committed by Ralf Schlatterbeck)
- Fix to require at least python 2.5 (anatoly techtonik)
- Fixing the download button re-activating the cheeseshop plugin in the
sphinx config. Thanks to Richard for the hint. (Bernhard Reiter)
- issue2550783 devel template's permissions referenced the
organization property for the user, but the property is called
organisation. Thanks to Pradip Caulagi. (committed by John Rouillard)
- issue2550749 - the xmlrpc interface is invoked on content type
and not url path. Sending any text/xml data to roundup results in
invoking the xml-rpc interface, but a REST or other interface could
also consume xml data and do something different. So require the use
of 'http(s)://.../xmlrpc' uri to trigger the xmlrpc interface.
(John Rouillard)
- issue2550774: Remove generating documentation with rst2html, and update the
README.txt with how to create the html docs using sphinx, thanks Kai Storbeck
(John Kristensen)
- issue2550774: Include doc/ in the release tarball, so people can build
their own documentation in html, thanks Kai Storbeck (John Kristensen)
- issue2550774: Update website/www/Makefile to symlink COPYING.txt so "make"
works again, thanks Kai Storbeck (John Kristensen)
- issue2550760: Several improvements to the manpages
thanks Kai Storbeck & Bastian Kleineidam (John Kristensen)

If you're upgrading from an older version of Roundup you *must* follow
the "Software Upgrade" guidelines given in the maintenance documentation.

Roundup requires python 2.5 or later (but not 3+) for correct operation.

To give Roundup a try, just download (see below), unpack and run::


Release info and download page:
Source and documentation is available at the website:
Mailing lists - the place to ask questions:

About Roundup

Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with
command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. It is based on the winning design
from Ka-Ping Yee in the Software Carpentry "Track" design competition.

Note: Ping is not responsible for this project. The contact for this
project is

Roundup manages a number of issues (with flexible properties such as
"description", "priority", and so on) and provides the ability to:

(a) submit new issues,
(b) find and edit existing issues, and
(c) discuss issues with other participants.

The system will facilitate communication among the participants by managing
discussions and notifying interested parties when issues are edited. One of
the major design goals for Roundup that it be simple to get going. Roundup
is therefore usable "out of the box" with any python 2.5+ (but not 3+)
installation. It doesn't even need to be "installed" to be operational,
though an install script is provided.

It comes with two issue tracker templates (a classic bug/feature tracker and
a minimal skeleton) and four database back-ends (anydbm, sqlite, mysql
and postgresql).

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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roundup-1.4.21.tar.gz (2.5 MB) Copy SHA256 hash SHA256 Source None
roundup-1.4.21.win32.exe (1.5 MB) Copy SHA256 hash SHA256 Windows Installer any

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