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URL routing made right

Project description

Just a small example:

from routr import route, GET, POST
from routr.schema import form, String

def create_user(username=None):

def get_user(id):

routes = route("/users",
  route(POST, "/",          form(username=String), create_user),
  route(GET,  "/{id:int}",  get_user)

Docs are hosted at excellent readthedocs project.


  • Fix Python 3 support for routr.utils.import_string shared function.


  • Initial Python 3.2 and 3.3 support. Also backport to Python 2.6.


  • Trace.annotation(name, default=None) method to retrieve annotation from routes.


  • routr.static.static accepts annotations

  • routr.static.static returns Response subclass’ object


  • schema validation and doc generation moved to separate packages


  • fix bug with trace.args/kwargs updates


  • use schemify for schema validation

  • remove routr.schema completely

  • remove routr.schema2qs and form guards are now can be imported directly from routr module


  • routr.schema2: opt now can provide default value

  • routr.schema2: allow namedtuple-based schemas


  • HTTP methods constants now can be used to define routes


  • allow setting custom class for URL matching – use url_pattern_cls keyword argument for route directive

  • lightweight schema validation package routr.schema2


  • URL pattern type str now has re arg – allows to validate string via regexp


  • fix url pattern matching for labels with numbers, like /{id1}


  • routr.static.static routes now can be distinguished via static_view annotation instead of view attribute (still here for backward compatibility)


  • fix routr.static behaviour


  • get rid of Configuration, now route is just a plain function – this allows better composability w/o requirement to share configuration object between different parts of the app

  • add routr.static for serving static files

  • add routr.utils.positional_args for introspection of positional arguments of different types of objects and routr.utils.inject_args for injecting positional arguments based on introspection


  • bugfixes to DSL


  • [not backward compatible] new DSL – got rid of guards keyword argument which is too noisy


  • [bugfix] incorrect reversal of urls with more than one param


  • [bugfix] fix bug with RouteGuarded poped up in RouteGroup match

  • add ‘_’ to allowed args in URLPattern


  • introduced RequestParams.exception_factory which abstracts away HTTPBadRequest raise in case of invalid data being supplied

  • [bugfix] RouteGuarded.response now installed correctly, previously it sometimes contained NoUrlMatched objects which are not responses


  • RequestParams.post_processor now also can be accumulated via addition

  • fix bug in RequestParams which prevented Option wrap SchemaNode objects directly


  • fix broken 0.1.2 release by including CHANGES file in dist


  • trace factory made configurable via Configuration.trace attribute

  • method and PATH_INFO extraction delegated to configuration, allows implementing routing for other request wrapper (werkzeug or django’s request for example)

  • routes now have access to configuration object via cfg attribute


  • allow guards return None (routing doesn’t break on this and proceed with old trace)

  • RequestParams now can accept colander.SchemaNode directly (allows to supply validators)


  • initial release

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