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Build RPC pattern via redis connection

Project description

*Using redis server to build RPC environment - by Oscar LASM*

rpcviaredis intended to provide a simple tool for establishing a pattern RPC over an installation Redis.
Implement python, it is composed of:

- **Server** which serve remote commands
- **Client** Use to connect and call commands hosted on server
- **Transport protocol** Use to pack and unpack request and response during communication process


Server implementation:

from rpcviaredis import *

class DummyServer(ServerRPC):

def sum(self, x, y):
return Response(response=x+y, exception=None, reason=None, return_code=200)

def naive_div(self, x, y):
return Response(response=x/y, exception=None, reason=None, return_code=200)

def multiplication(self, x, y):
return Response(response=x*y, exception=None, reason=None, return_code=200)

if __name__ == "__main__":
import redis

r = redis.StrictRedis(db=2)
s = DummyServer(r, 'test-rpc', transport_klass=JSONTransport)
except KeyboardInterrupt:

Client Implementation

import redis
from rpcviaredis import Client

r = redis.StrictRedis(db=2)
c = Client(r, 'test-rpc', transport_klass=JsonTransport)
retval = c.sum(1,2)
print(retval.response) # print 3

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