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Client library to control a raspberry PI camera through MQTT

Project description

# rpi-cam-mqtt-client

Client library to control a raspberry PI camera through MQTT.

Provides high level methods to control a raspberry PI camera:
  • get_cmd_list

  • get_cmd_info

  • run_command

  • get_status

  • get_ptviews

  • is_active

  • is_ptview_available

  • is_recording

  • is_detecting_motion

  • set_camera_status

  • set_motion_detection_status

  • start_video

  • stop_video

  • take_picture

  • set_exposure_mode

  • set_wb_mode

  • set_metering_mode

  • set_image_effect

  • set_pantilt

The camera needs to have the RPi-Cam-Web-Interface installed and the MQTT agent running. Check rpi-cam-mqtt ( project for further details.

## Installation

The library can be installed and called in a python module:

pip3 install rpicammqtt_client

from rpicammqtt_client import RpiCamMqttClient help(RpiCamMqttClient)

## Configuration

The configuration file is looked up from:

/etc/rpi-cam-mqtt/rpi-cam-mqtt.yaml $HOME/.rpi-cam-mqtt/rpi-cam-mqtt.yaml ./config/rpi-cam-mqtt.yaml

A template can be downloaded from:

## Use

The main class RpiCamMqttClient needs to have passed a reference to publish/subscribe custom definitions to implement the specific calls to the MQTT library of choice. One based on the paho mqtt library is provided and can be used for reference:

from rpicammqtt_client import RpiCamMqttClient from rpicammqtt_client.mqtt import MQTT

The RpiCamMqttClient needs the rpicam name as configured in the remote agent that controls the camera and a few extra options to change the MQTT behaviour.

The main method to use is run_command, which allows to publish any command as it would normally be sent to the PIPE. More info:

Additionally a few higher level methods are provided that simplify the use of the library. A good starting point is the list of examples described in the next section where it is possible to see the library in action.

## Applications

Example of applications using the library can be found in the package:

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