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A package to enqueue a variable number of jobs with variably distributed TIME x CPU "areas"

Project description

rqpop uses the python package stressypy to create a certain number of cpu-stressing jobs for a variably distributed amount of time, the distribution type and seed being specified by the user. It creates stressypy’s JobBlock objects which contain pertinent information for queueing these test jobs to test queueing algorithms by enqueueing a certain number of randomly ‘sized’ jobs, which simulates the real job influx of a webservice, for example. The jobs are enqueued with RQ (Redis Queue).


refer to for documentation on JobBlock objects


rqpop can be installed with pip install rqpop and will auto-install all dependencies.

Alternatively, it can be cloned manually from the url: or the tarfile can be downloaded from the url: and setup with python install

In order to run rqpop, you must have a REDIS server running and RQ rqworkers listening on the default queue:

Documentation for quickly setting up a REDIS server can be found here:
Full REDIS documentaiton here:

Documentation for RQ (Redis Queue) cna be found here:
but for most users a worker can be started, listening on the default queue with simply the rqworker command.


rqpop runs using the command rqpop queue with the number of jobs desired and the max time allowed being passed as arguments.

The help page:

Usage: rqpop queue [OPTIONS] NUM_JOBS MAX_TIME

–seed TEXT The seed to be internalized for the number distribution
–dist TEXT the distirbution to be used for psuedo-random generation
–mnc INTEGER the minimum number of cpus to be used, default 1
–mxc INTEGER maximum number of cores a job should be able to require,
default: maximum configured cores
–mnt INTEGER minimum amount of time the jobs should run for, default 1
–q TEXT the queue that the jobs should be enqueued to, default:
–help Show this message and exit.

Distributions supported are:

  • Log Normal: normal - default

  • Box: box

  • Spike/Dirac/Delta: spike

  • Exponential/Power: power


  • rqpop queue 10 12 --seed 0 --distribution normal:

    creates and enqueues 10 jobs normally distributed with seed 0 and a max time of 12 seconds

  • rqpop queue 21456 --seed 1023041 --distribution power --mnc 2 --mxc 10 -q high:

    creates and enqueues 21, 456 jobs exponentially distributed with seed 1023041, min cores 2, max cores 10 on the queue ‘high

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