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A Python 3 module wrapper for RuneScape 3's API

Project description

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A Python 3 module wrapper for RuneScape 3 API


Setup with pip:

$ python3 -m pip install rs3clans


> Players
  • Creating a Player object
    • Always check if a player actually exists before doing anything with it
>>> from rs3clans import players
>>> player = players.Player(name='nriver')
>>> if player.exists:
...     pass
  • Whether the player exists or not
>>> player.exists
  • Whether his Runemetrics Profile is Private or not
>>> player.private_profile
  • You can also pass the argument runemetrics as False if you don't want their runemetrics info to be set
    • This will make you unable to use some attributes from the Player class
>>> player = players.Player(name='nriver', runemetrics=False)
  • Getting a player's name
    • (if his Runemetrics Profile is private it will return the same name passed when creating object)
  • Getting a player's total Exp (requires Public Runemetrics Profile)
>>> player.exp
  • Getting a player's Total Level (requires Public Runemetrics Profile)
>>> player.total_level
  • Getting a player's Combat Level (requires Public Runemetrics Profile)
>>> player.combat_level
  • Quests information about a player (requires Public Runemetrics Profile)
>>> player.quests_not_started
>>> player.quests_started
>>> player.quests_complete
  • Getting information on a specific skill of the player (requires Public Runemetrics Profile)
>>> player.skill('agility').level
  • Skill name is case-insensitive
>>> player.skill('AtTaCk').rank
  • Can pass skill names as well as id
    • (8 = Woodcutting for example)
>>> player.skill(8).exp
  • Getting a player's title
>>> player.title
'The Liberator'
  • Verifying if a player's title is a suffix or not
>>> player.suffix
  • Getting a player's clan
>>> player.clan
> Clans
  • Creating a Clan object
    • Always check if a clan actually exists before doing anything with it
>>> from rs3clans import clans
>>> try:
...     clan = clans.Clan('Atlantis')
... except clans.ClanNotFoundError:
...     print('Clan not found.')
  • Getting a clan's total Exp
>>> clan.exp
  • Getting information about a specific member in that clan
    • Clan.member attribute (dict) (requires case-sensitive name)
    • Clan.get_member() (method) (does not require case-sensitive name)
    • Returns a ClanMember Object
>>> # Case-sensitive
>>> clan.member['NRiver']
ClanMember(NRiver, Overseer, 1043065027)
>>> clan.member['NRiver'].rank
>>> # Case-insensitive
>>> clan.get_member('nriver')
ClanMember(NRiver, Overseer, 1043065027)
>>> clan.get_member('nRiVeR').rank
  • Getting the number of players in a clan
>>> clan.count
  • Getting the average Clan Exp per player in clan
>>> clan.avg_exp
  • Iterate through a Clan
>>> for member in clan:
>>>     print(f"{member} - {}")
ClanMember(Pedim, Owner, 1249520826) - Pedim
ClanMember(Acriano, Overseer, 1903276564) - Acriano
ClanMember(Cogu, Overseer, 1829449412) - Cogu
ClanMember(Black bullet, Overseer, 1100767386) - Black Bullet
ClanMember(NRiver, Overseer, 1090093362) - NRiver
ClanMember(Kurenaii, Overseer, 395850997) - Kurenaii


  • Guidelines:

    • Follow Pep8 with the exception of E501 (line too long)
  • Fork the repository

  • Install Dev dependencies

    • With poetry
      $ python3 -m virtualenv .venv
      $ poetry shell
      $ poetry install
    • Without pipenv
      $ python3 -m virtualenv .venv
      $ source .venv/bin/activate
      $ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  • Run the tests to make sure everything is ok

    $ pytest
  • Make your changes to the code in the directory

  • Add necessary tests to the directory (pytest docs)

  • Run the tests again

    $ pytest
  • Also run flake8 just to check if the code style is also fine

    $ flake8 --ignore=E501 rs3clans/
  • If everything went fine then send a Pull Request

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