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Misc. basic stuff needed by RSCs tools

Project description


Ralf Schlatterbeck <>

The library includes various utility modules used in other projects.

  • ast_call: A simple call manager using asterisk: This can be used to originate a call and log all event associated to that call. So you can find out the status of the call and optionally the dialstatus.

  • ast_cdr: parser for CDR records in asterisk. We currently use text-files only, this might be later extended for database use.

  • ast_probe: Methods for checking for running asterisk

  • Autosuper magic (originally from Guido van Rossums announcement of Python 2.2): For refactoring it’s a good idea that each class knows its parents (that the parent is not hardcoded in the upcall), achieved by adding a the __super attribute. Use as, e.g., self.__super.method for calling method in the parent.

  • base_pickler: Allow to specify a dictionary of pickle exceptions, if the value in the dictionary is in __dict__ when pickle is called, the value in __dict__ is replaced with the value in the exception dictionary.

  • bero: A configurator for the bero*fos failover switch. See my blogpost why I wrote that (short summary: to work around bugs in the firmware of the device which are not addressed by the configurator code that comes with the device).

  • Config_File for python-syntax configuration files used in several of my projects.

  • crm: Tools for the cluster resource manager of the pacemaker high availability project. We allow querying of nodes, resources and errors for resources as well as resetting errors and migration of resources.

  • execute: module for executing commands and handling IO, this also has a Lock and a Log mixin. Now there is also a framework for executing processes in a pipeline, there can be fork-points in the pipeline where the output of one process feeds several pipelines. See, and

  • grepmime: search for pattern in email attachments (even if these are encoded)

  • inductance: Inductance calculation of air-cored cylindrical flat-winded coil according to Robert Weaver

  • IP_Address: IP v4 and v6 Addresses with subnet masking

  • iter_recipes: magic with iterators

  • isdn: model the status of Asterisk ISDN lines, either Linux Call Router (LCR) ISDN lines or lines managed by DAHDI. Special case for Xorcom modules which provide more information using Xorcom-specific files in /proc than native DAHDI modules.

  • lc_resonator: Frequency calculation for L-C resonator

  • Math implements Euclids algorithm for greatest common divisor and as a by-product the least common multiple

  • nmap: A parser for output of nmap scans to (e.g. to generate tables in TeX)

  • ocf: small framework for writing OCF scripts for the heartbeat cluster resource manager (probably also usable for the newer version called pacemaker but for now only tested with the version in Debian stable aka lenny).

  • PDF_Signature: experimental code for checking signatures on adobe PDF documents

  • Phone: Parse phone numbers (Austria-specific)

  • PM_Value: Possibly missing value, encapsulate a number which may be missing and associated arithmetics.

  • pycompat: Utilities for running under different python versions

  • Rational: Implementation of Rational numbers

  • stateparser: Simple state-machine parser class, this is used for writing line-based parsers using a state machine. For an example usage see nmap. After parsing the result can be pickled but we lose the ability to continue parsing after reading from the pickled result.

  • sqlparser: Parse SQL dumps from postgreSQL and mysql and optionally create an new (e.g. anonymized) sql dump

  • timeout: A simple timeout mechanism using SIGALRM

  • Tex_CSV_Writer: Write CVS files in a syntax that can be parsed by TeX. Implements same interface as the csv module. Only implements writing.

  • trafficshape: Simple traffic shaping configuration: Currently generates Linux tc commands for a traffic shaping config using hfsc for shaping and sfq or red for the leaf qdiscs. We also provide a translator from iptables mangle rules (for traffic marking) to tc commands for filtering. This is needed if we want to do inbound shaping. The Linux kernel doesn’t support inbound shaping, so we need to redirect all traffic to an ifb device. On that device we do outbound shaping. Unfortunately when sending traffic to an ifb device with a tc filter + action mirred command this occurs before the PREROUTING chain. This means packets are not yet marked. So we provide a parser to translate mangle rules in the PREROUTING chain to appropriate tc commands. For implementing this we mark packets (using the tc action xt (formerly known as ipt used for iptables marking, a backward-compatibility option can be used) in the original device and then use the marked information in the ifb device to send the traffic to appropriate qdiscs. This supports a two-level approach: Rules in iptables that match on a packet mark (using –mark) are translated to tc commands in the ifb device (they depend on the mark already present). All other rules are translated to a tc action xt (using -j MARK) and a tc action mirred redirect (for sending the traffic to the ifb device) for the original device (e.g. eth0 redirecting to ifb0). The PREROUTING commands by default are directly taken from the running kernel by default (using “iptables -t mangle -S -v”)


Download the source at and install using the standard python setup, e.g.:

python install --prefix=/usr/local

Alternatively get it from pypi and/or install via pip.


Version 0.65: Use pyproject.toml

  • Use new-style packaging with pyproject.toml, old-style is still available

  • Use console script entry points instead of explicit scripts in directory bin

Version 0.64: Small execute.Log updates

  • Add add_stderr_handler method to also log to stderr

Version 0.63: Python3 fixes

  • Fix bytes_ord to also deal with a bytes object in python3

Version 0.62: Python3 fixes

  • More Python3 fixes

  • Update of stateparser

  • hexdump/unhexdump

Version 0.61: sqlparser

  • Allow filtering during reading of sql dump

Version 0.60: Python3 fixes

  • hexdump

  • xrange

  • compatibility for bytes iterator

Version 0.59: sqlparser

  • Support older postgresql versions, tested 9.6

Version 0.58: sqlparser

  • Fix python3 string handling for sqlparser

  • Small fix in stateparser

Version 0.57: isdn

  • Add parsing of beronet GSM modules

  • Support multiple bero devices with same numbering

Version 0.56: ast_call, isdn

  • The ast_call now is brought to latest version of pyst and asterisk

  • isdn module now supports remote isdn via isdn gateway

  • various python3 fixes

Version 0.55: LOCKDIR

  • Now it’s possible to set the locking directory (default is still /var/lock which is a symlink to /run/lock on modern systems) via the environment variable LOCKDIR.

Version 0.54: inductance, sqlparser

  • The sqlparser now can do round-tripping (some items are in different order)

  • More inductance formulae

Version 0.53: inductance, IPv4 address

  • Bring inductance to metric units (output in F, input in m)

  • Fix IPv4 address parsing when address contains less than 3 dots

Version 0.52: Small fixes

  • Fix unicode problem in sqlparser

Version 0.51: Small fixes

  • Fix IP addresses in boolean context

  • Add supported python versions to

Version 0.50: Small additions

  • Change Rational to no longer print mixed fractions by default

  • Allow setting the locking filename for Lock_Mixin in execute

Version 0.49: Python3 compatibility

  • Remove ETree, HTML_Parse, PDF_Parse, multipart_form: These are better handled by libraries like BeautifulSoup or specific PDF handling libs or the requests library

  • Remove This is now nicely supported by ldap3 which also has a native iterator for paged search

  • Remove Freshmeat is more or less dead now and they don’t support an API-Test so it is very hard to get this right

  • Put Firstname (with all the history) into its own package, note that this needs more work to run against the latest version of the website

  • Lots of fixes for python3 compatibility: Where doctests existed these pass now but there is still untested code and some code where libaries are missing for python3 (pyst asterisk bindings and openssl wrappers)

Version 0.48: Fixes for execute

  • Now we really close all relevant ends of pipes in other processes which avoids hangs

  • Add logging to Process

Version 0.47: Fixes for IP_Address; pypi

  • IP_Address: Relax inheritance checks when comparing IP_Address instances

  • Version uploaded to pypi and documented in README

Version 0.46: Additions to ast_probe; Bug-fix

  • ast_probe now has methods for checking sip registry and reloading the sip subsystem in asterisk

  • Add a small script, ast_sip_check for checking sip registration on an asterisk server and restart sip if some registrations are missing.

  • Config_File fixes the __getattr_ method to return an AttributeError in case of failure

Version 0.45: Fix ISDN ports

String reprentation had leading unicode ‘u’

  • Fix string representation in ISDN ports

Version 0.44: Make line-waiting for bero configurable

For cluster resource berofos we make waiting for the L1 and L2 of the ISDN line configurable. The hard-coded default was too low.

  • New config-item ISDN_WAIT_UP

Version 0.43: Support new berofos firmware

The new berofos (failover switch) firmware has some new low-level commands which we now accept when getting the device status.

  • Fix to accept new low-level commands

  • Add some more documentation to

  • Add description of ast_probe in this README

Version 0.42: Feature enhancements

Add crm for pacemaker cluster management, new ast_probe for checking of asterisk status. Fixes to ocf and ast_call.

  • Add

  • Add

  • Allow specification of parsed config (cfg) for Call_Manager in

  • Better resource monitoring for asterisk and dahdi in

  • fix to use new classes in

  • now doesn’t probe asterisk for the isdn stack in use if it finds a hint in the config-file

Version 0.41: Minor feature enhancements

Fixes to Freshmeat, pycompat, sql-dump parser.

  • Fix parsing of escaped quotes in mysql dumps

  • Freshmeat

  • pycompat fixes

Version 0.40: Distribution bug-fix

Renaming of README lead to the missing file README.rst in the distro.

  • Fix

Version 0.39: Minor feature enhancements

Fixes to hexdump, unicode issues (elementtree wrapper, stateparser). Add some fixes to IP_Address comparison. The nmap output has changed in recent versions, adapt to new format.

  • Make address in hexdump configurable

  • Bug-fix with comparison of sub-classes in IP_Address

  • Unicode support in ETree

  • Unicode support in stateparser

  • Fix for trailing empty attributes in CSV output of PostgreSQL dumps in sqlparser

  • Unicode support in sqlparser (uses stateparser)

  • Parse new nmap format

  • Fix for configurable Releasetools location

Version 0.38: Minor feature enhancements

Fix boolean conversion of IP6_Address (and IP4_Address).

  • IP6_Address would throw an error when trying a truth-test. Add __nonzero__ (which always returns True even for the 0 Address)

Version 0.37: Minor feature enhancements

Change sort-order of IP_Address, make IP_Address immutable, use metaclass magic to allow copy-constructor semantics.

  • Sort order of IP_Address objects (both v4 and v6) now reverses the order of the netmask: If the IP-Address part of the objects to compare are the same, we used to sort by inverse netmask (putting smaller networks with higher netmask first). We now reversed this to be compatible with PostgrSQL cidr type objects.

  • All attributes of IP_Address objects are now implemented as properties to return the ‘_’ variant of the attribute. Thus IP_Address objects are (when using the public interface) immutable. Since we already had a __hash__ method this effectively fixes the interface to not allow mutation of objects that are in a dictionary.

  • Allow calling the IP_Address constructors with another IP_Address object. Since IP_Address objects are now immutable we use metaclass trickery to return the passed object itself (instead of generating a copy).

Version 0.36: Minor feature enhancements

Allow auto-coercion of comparison parameters. Add parent property and is_sibling test.

  • Now comparison operators and ‘in’ do auto coercion.

  • Add parent property (next bigger network)

  • Add is_sibling test (same parent)

Version 0.35: Minor feature enhancements

Add ‘mask_len’ as an alias of ‘mask’ to IP_Address.

  • Need the network mask length (aka prefix length) sometimes as mask_len (e.g. for FFM on github).

Version 0.34: Minor feature enhancements

Fix trafficshape to use new tc syntax. Add label to hexdump.

  • The tc command has renamed the ipt action to xt (Linux introduced xtables as a refactoring of iptables), the old ipt is still available in iproute2 but we make xt the default now. A backward-compatibility parameter can be used to get the old behavior.

  • Add save-mark to iptables action parser.

  • The hexdump class now can generate labels.

Version 0.33: Minor feature enhancements

More fixes for ast_call.

  • Add parser for events from asterisk wireshark trace

  • Add fail.log for ‘real’ test

  • Don’t double-register call with Call_Manager

  • Allow explicit matching by account-code

Version 0.32: Minor feature enhancements

More fixes for ast_call.

  • Regression test with pyst asterisk emulator

  • Fix case where OriginateResponse immediately returns Failure

  • Tests for cases where Hangup comes before or after the OriginateResponse

Version 0.31: Minor feature enhancements

Fix ast_call for immediately failing calls. Fix dahdi channel computation in

  • Fix OriginateResponse handling in ast_call

  • Fix dahdi channel computation, can’t directly use the span, use the basechan attribute

Version 0.30: Minor feature enhancements

Fix how dahdi vs. mISDN interpret what is called an interface and what is called a port. In mISDN we can combine several ports (physical lines) to an interface. In dahdi both are the same (a port is a span in dahdi).

  • Remove parsing of B- and C- channels from dahdi isdn parser

Version 0.29: Minor feature enhancements

The lcr module is now named isdn. It can now handle isdn interfaces managed by Asterisk DAHDI in addition to Linux Call Router (LCR).

Version 0.28: Minor feature enhancements

Fix inductance formula of Robert Weaver, thanks Robert for pointing me to the correction you did on your new site! For most doctests in the inductance module the error was in the lower percentage points. Add an xxrange iterator to the iter_recipes that can replace pythons native xrange iterator but works with long integers. Needed for some operations on IPv6 addresses in the IP_Address module.

  • Fix inductance calculation according to patch from Robert Weaver

  • Add xxrange iterator to iter_recipes

  • Use new xxrange instead of xrange in IP_Address module, add a test that failed with large numbers for IPv6

Version 0.27: Minor feature enhancements

Add pageurl and pageinfo attributes to HTML_Parser.Page_Tree, other enhancements to HTML_Parser. Add pickle support to parser classes. Fix comparison of IP_Address classes.

  • Add pageurl and pageinfo attributes to HTML_Parser.Page_Tree storing information retrieved via geturl and info calls from urllib2.

  • Parser classes in and where not pickleable, fixed by removing parser-specific attributes when calling pickle. Note that the parsing cannot be continued after reading class from a pickle.

  • Add base_pickler module to allow pickle exceptions

  • HTML_Parse: Make Parse_Error a ValueError

  • HTML_Parse: Raise line number with exception

  • HTML_Parse: Add a timeout

  • HTML_Parse: raise Retries_Exceeded with url

  • HTML_Parse: url parameter may now be None, not joined with site parameter

  • Add pageurl and pageinfo to HTML_Parse

  • IP_Address: Fix comparison

  • Slight refactoring of NMAP_Parser class

Version 0.26: Minor feature enhancements

Fix double-utf-8-encoding option for sqlparser. Enhance stderr handling for exec_pipe.

  • More detected broken encodings for fix_double_encode option

  • add error message from executed command to message raised by exec_pipe, make stderr output available in non-failing case.

Version 0.25: Minor feature enhancements

Add sqlparser for parsing SQL dumps of PostgreSQL and mysql, add Phone to parse phone numbers.

  • sqlparser added

  • Phone added for parsing phone numbers

Version 0.24: Minor feature enhancements

Better syntax checks and comparison operators for IP_Address, bug fixes for parser and __str__ for IP_Address.IP6_Address

  • IP_Address better syntax checks

  • IP_Address __cmp__ and __eq__ improved for comparison with other types

  • more regression tests for IP6_Address

  • bug fixes in __str__ and parser of IP6_Address

  • support for strict checking of netmask (all bits at right of netmask must be zero if strict_mask is True)

Version 0.23: Minor feature enhancements

IP4_Address can now be put in a dict, add a subnets iterator for IP4_Address. Factor IP_Address and add IP6_Address

  • Add __hash__ for IP_Address

  • The new subnets iterator for IP_Address iterates over all IPs in a subnet. Optionally a netmask can be specified.

  • Support for IPv6 addresses

  • rename IP4_Address to IP_Address

Version 0.22: Minor feature enhancements

Allow unicode ip address input, hopefully make rsclib installable via pip.

  • Address given to IP4_Address constructor now may be unicode

  • Add download_url to to make installable via pip

Version 0.21: Minor feature enhancements

Fix autosuper: allow to inherit from non-autosuper classes, some small fixes to ast_call and lcr parser. Fix ETree pretty-printing. Update Freshmeat to new hostname. Add dotted netmaks parsing to IP4_Address.

  • Since python2.6 constructor of “object” do not allow parameters, so we need to strip these when doing the upcall from autosuper. This fails when e.g. inheriting from a non-autosuper enabled class, e.g., class (With_Autosuper, dict) in that case dict would get empty parameters. New implementation finds out if our upcall is to “object”, only in that case strip parameters.

  • ast_call now processes all queued unhandled events when a call is matched.

  • update regression test for ast_call.Call

  • lcr parser: fix regex, port can have an empty name.

  • Optimize call matching in ast_call: mark call as closed once we are sure about the uniqueid. Add matching of Account-Code.

  • Fix ETree pretty-printing: don’t print unicode strings when arguments are already converted

  • now is (and the API redirects there), update to new hostname (including .netrc credentials with compatibility for old name).

  • explicit mask paramter of IP4_Address can now be a dotted netmask.

Version 0.20: Not announced on freshmeat

Database value output for ast_cdr, added inductance calculation.

  • ast_cdr: Add methods for database values of CDR records – database values of CDRs are different, they don’t include start, end, answer time-stamps but instead only a calldate, in addition the amaflags are numerical in the database.

  • added inductance calculation

Version 0.19: Not announced on freshmeat

Extend ETree with a walk method and implement small ldap library

  • ETree: add walk method to walk the tree and call an optional pre- and post-hook function

  • ldap_lib: common ldap tasks for user and group search, and an iterator for paged search (used with active directory).

Version 0.18: Not announced on freshmeat

Bugfix of ast_call and update for asterisk 1.6, small extension to IP4_Address.

  • ast_call: match calls via (unique) account code

  • ast_call: State vs ChannelState parameter in Newstate event

  • ast_call: handle immediate error from asterisk (e.g. Permission Denied)

  • IP4_Address: add netblk (start and end address for address with netmask)

Version 0.17: Not announced on freshmeat

Factor ETree (extended ElementTree) from HTML_Parse. New Freshmeat module to get project information and submit new releases via the new freshmeat REST API. New simple hexdump module.

  • New (extended ElementTree)

  • New

  • New

  • adapt lcr module to new version of Linux Call Router

Version 0.16: Not announced on freshmeat

Add an iptables to tc translator for translating mangle rules in the iptables PREROUTING chain to appropriate tc commands (using an ipt action and mirred redirect actions).

  • Add iptables to tc translator to

Version 0.15: Not announced on freshmeat

Add a framework for traffic shaping with linux iproute (tc). Minor updates to iter_recipes.

  • Initial implementation of

  • Add iter_recipes.combinations from python2.6 manpage of itertools for backward compatibility

Version 0.14: Not announced on freshmeat

Add a framework for process pipeline execution, processes can either be python methods or external programs (with parameter list). They can be connected in a pipe and there may be T-points in the pipe, where the pipe forks into two or more pipelines fed by the output of one process.

  • Add process pipeline framework

  • HTML_Parse now has an explicit translate hook for preprocessing the html page before parsing it. This defaults to the old behaviour of filtering out common characters in broken HTML.

  • Add nmap parser (e.g. to generate TeX tables from an nmap scan)

  • Fix Lock_Mixin in execute module to remove lockfile at exit, this used to rely on __del__ which breaks in certain cases.

  • add file upload to HTML_Parse

Version 0.13: Not announced on freshmeat

Bug-Fix Release: Fix signal handler in

  • fix signal handler

Version 0.12: Not announced on freshmeat

Add a simple timeout mechanism using SIGALRM.

  • add

Version 0.11: Not announced on freshmeat

Add a parser for CDR records in asterisk. We currently use text-files only, this might be later extended for database use. Some fixes for ast_call, make call-handling more robust (some race conditions would identify events of other calls as belonging to our initiated call). Add an execute module for executing commands and handling IO, this also has a Lock and a Log mixin. Add, a small framework for writing OCF scripts for the heartbeat cluster resource manager (probably also usable for the newer version called pacemaker but for now only tested with the version in Debian stable aka lenny). Add to model the status of Linux Call Router ISDN lines.

  • add

  • fix

  • fix up-chaining in

  • add

  • add

  • add

Version 0.10: Not announced on freshmeat

add ast_call for asterisk auto-dialling, small fixes to IP4_Address, add bero*fos configurator, experimental code for checking PDF signature

  • add

  • Firstname: don’t look up names with len < 2

  • IP4_Address: some aliases for common functions

  • IP4_Address: add __cmp__

  • bero*fos configurator

  • HTML_Parse updated for python 2.5

  • stateparser update: use self.matrix by default

  • PDF_Signature: experimental code for checking signatures on adobe PDF documents

  • iter_recipes: some magic with iterators

Version 0.9: Not announced on freshmeat

Add binom to the Math package, add Firstname, Bug-Fix Release Rational

  • binom (n, m) computes the binomial coefficient of n, m.

  • Firstname: check if candidate is a first name candidate according to popular web site.

  • Rational: On division we could get a negative denominator – fixed

  • make Config_File a descendent of autosuper

Version 0.8: Not announced on freshmeat

Added more documentation. State-machine parser stateparser implemented. Rational number arithmetic package added.

  • stateparser implemented (simple state-machine line-oriented configurable parser)

  • usage-example of IP4_Address prints debian /etc/network/interfaces entry.

  • Math added (Euclids algorithm, gcd, lcm)

  • Rational number arithmetics

  • cookie processing for HTML_Parse

  • basic HTML auth for HTML_Parse

  • HTML_Parse: move to urllib2

Version 0.7: Not announced on freshmeat

Small Python library with various things such as Configuration file parsing (in Python syntax), HTML and PDF parsing.

  • First Release version

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