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Rohde & Schwarz SCPI Driver

Project description

Rohde & Schwarz SCPI Driver

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  • Example python drivers

    • VSA, Vector Spectrum Analyzer
    • VSG, Vector Signal Generator
    • NRP, Power Sensor
    • VSE, Vector Signal Explorer
    • OSP, Switch Platform
    • NRQ, Frequency Selective Power Sensor
    • VNA, Vector Network Analyzer
  • Example code

    • Automated test examples, see below table
    • Instrument speed/repeatability evaluation
    • Proof of concept/Demo code
  • RSSD is open source.

    • Package APIs may- change.
    • We recommend users "freeze/save" package version prior to use.
    • SW is provided as is
    • Not an official Rohde & Schwarz supported product

Getting Started


python -m pip install rssd


Method 1

  • Goto Example directory
    • Open command prompt and type rssd
    • Example directory will be printed.
  • Run Example
    • Open desired example
    • Change IP address to match instrument(s)
    • Run file

Method 2

  • Goto Example directory
    • Open command prompt and type: python -m pip show rssd
    • Load example files listed after Location:
  • Run Example
    • Open desired example
    • Change IP address to match instrument(s)
    • Run

Example Code

FileName Instrumnt Description
AAA_CommandTime Any Time command to instrument
AAA_IDN_IPArry Any Send *IDN to instruments in IPArry
FSW_ACLR_Timing VSA ACLR in Spectral Mode
FSW_ACLR_IQ_Timing VSA ACLR in IQ Analyzer
FSW_CCDF VSA CCDF in Spectral Mode
FSW_IQCaptureTime VSA IQ Capture time looping Fs
NRP_AvgPwr NRP NRP Average power capture
NRP_BufferedContAvg NRP Bufferened NRP measurement VSG Load Arb file into SMW
OSP_Debug OSP Generic OSP example VSE VSE/FSW Analog FM Demod VSE VSE Raw SCPI VSE VSE Single OFDM Carrier EVM w/ K96 VSE VSE Multi OFDM Carrier EVM w/ K96
VST_5GNR_EVM VSG VSA SMW/FSW K144 speed tests
VST_5GNR_K144_Read VSG VSA SMW/FSW Read 5G NR Parametes VSG VSA SMW/FSW Frequency Sweep
VST_WLAN_EVM VSG VSA SMW/FSW 802.11 EVM sweep test


Instrument Documentation

Driver Description User Manual Models
VSA Vector Signal Analyzer User Manual FSW; FSWP; FSVA3K; FSVA; FPL;
VSG Vector Signal Generator User Manual SMW; SMBV; SGT; SGS; SMA-B; SMB-B; SMF
VNA Vector Network Analyzer User Manual ZVA; ZNA; ZNB
VSE Vector Analysis Software User Manual VSE
PNA Phase Noise Analyzer User Manual FSWP
NRP Power Sensor User Manual NRP; NRPM
RCT Radio Comm Tester User Manual CMW500; CMW100; CMP200
NRQ Freq Selective Sensor User Manual NRQ
OSP Switch Matrix User Manual OPS1xx; OPS2xx
DSO Digital Oscillocope User Manual RTP; RTO; RTE;
OTA Radiated Chambers User Manual ATS800; ATS1000; ATS1800; CMQ; DST200; TS7124


  • Code Repository: GitHub
  • Author: Martin C Lim
  • License: This project is licensed under the R&S License for Royalty-Free Products- see the LICENSE file for details


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