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Fetch, filter, and re-render RSS feeds for more useful consumption.

Project description

# RSSFilter - Fetch, Parse, Filter and Re-Feed RSS by Cathal Garvey, Copyright 2015, licensed under the [GNU Affero GPL](

## What it does RSSFilter lets you take an RSS feed, apply regex queries (or custom-defined functions) to the feed, and then present the result as a new RSS feed ready for consumption by a feed reader. It has an entry point for terminal usage, and is well suited (indeed, developed for) for integration in a simple web-app relay.

## Why I wrote it I’m mulling the problem of mass-data-funnelling a lot lately and this is just one experiment as part of a much broader thing. Specifically this was inspired by the annoying discovery of a news website that provided an RSS feed for all news but not for topic-specific news. Thankfully, the topics had appropriate URL paths, so the science news could be filtered by selecting articles containing “/science/” in them. So was born RSSFilter.

## Usage Install: sudo pip install rssfilter (or sudo python3 install)

Installation gives you the rssfilter module, and also the rssfilter terminal tool.

Included in the git repo is a trivial example usage for a Flask webapp, but this is not installed with rssfilter when pip-installed or similar.

As currently written the entry-points accept up to two filters which may contain arbitrary regex expressions. As there are only two built-in filter-classes this two-filter limit isn’t really a limit at all. There is an option whether to combine the given two filters by boolean AND or OR.

In module usage you can define your own filters; they should accept a feed in a format as returned by feedparser (but with all elements converted to native types!) and return one in the same format.

## Example Terminal Usage:

Fetching recent articles on the Marriage Equality referendum in Ireland (May 2015) from the Irish Times RSS feed:

rssfilter -t ‘([Gg]ay|[Hh]omosexual|[Mm]arriage|[Rr]eferend)’

(Use ‘rssfilter –help’ for more information)

Importing and using the module to achieve the same result:

import rssfilter it_feed = “” f = rssfilter.filter_feed(it_feed, rssfilter.in_title_filter(‘([Gg]ay|[Hh]omosexual|[Mm]arriage|[Rr]eferend)’)) print(f)

To learn more, read the source code docstrings or use iPython to explore with the “?” appellation.

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