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Convert restructured text to PDF via reportlab.

Project description

Copyright (c) 2007,2008,2009 Roberto Alsina
Nicolas Laurance, Christoph Zwerschke, Yasushi Masuda, Josh VanderLinden.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Detailed Documentation


The usual way of creating PDF from reStructuredText is by going through LaTeX.
This tool provides an alternative by producing PDF directly using the ReportLab


python install

should do the trick.


* User-defined page layout. Multiple frames per page, multiple layouts per

* Page transitions

* Cascading stylesheet mechanism, define only what you want changed.

* Supports TTF and Type1 font embedding.

* Any number of paragraph styles using the class directive.

* Any number of character styles using text roles.

* Custom page sizes and margins.

* Syntax highlighter for many languages, using Pygments.

* Supports embedding almost any kind of raster or vector images.

* Supports hyphenation and kerning (using wordaxe).

* Full user's manual


* Roberto Alsina <ralsina at netmanagers dot com dot ar>
* Nicolas Laurance <nlaurance at zindep dot com>
* Christoph Zwerschke
* Yasushi Masuda
* Josh VanderLinden
* Runar Tenfjord

Change history

New in 0.12.2

* Fix Issue 219 (incompatibility with reportlab 2.1)
* Added pdf_default_dpi option for pdfbuilder
* More style docs in the manual
* Better styling of lists
* Fix bug reported in comments in my blog where a stylesheet with
showHeader=True and no explicit header caused an exception.
* Fixed Issue 215: crashes in bookrest's background renderer.

New in 0.12.1

* Ship local patched copy of pypoppler-qt4
* Partial fix for Issue 205: KeyError: 'format'
* Fixed Issue 212: XML parsing error in bookrest
* Fixed Issue 210: pickle error in bookrest
* Switched --enable-splittables to True by default
* Fixed Issue 204: syntax error on font importing code

New in 0.12

* Fixed Issue 202: broken processing of HTML raw nodes
* New "options" section in stylesheets. New ["options"]["stylesheets"] subsection,
which works similar to -s or to an include file: a list of stylesheets to be
processed before the current one.
* New --config option
* Fix for Issue 200 (position of frames was miscalculated)
* Fix For Issue 188 (uniconvertor "'unicode' object has no attribute 'readline'" error)
* New raw directive command: SetPageCounter. This enables
page counter manipulation, and use of different styles,
roman, lowerroman, alpha, loweralpha and arabic.
* New raw directive commands: EvenPageBreak and OddPageBreak
* New option to make sections break to odd or even pages:
* New option to add an empty page at the beginning of the
document: --blank-first-page.
* Fixed bug in authors field width calculation
* Support % in bullet and field lists column widths
* Use bullet_list or item_list styles for bullet and item lists respectively.
* Support % in field list column width description.
* Fix for Issue 184 (font metrics go crazy with TT font)
* New admonition code based on SplitTable (beta quality)
* Fix for Issue 180 (support for very very long list items. Needs testing)
* Fix for Issue 175 (widow/orphan titles)
* Fix for Issue 174 (line blocks didn't respect indentation)
* Worked around Issue 173 (quotes didn't indent inside table cells)
* Respect spaceBefore and spaceAfter for footnotes/endnotes
* Added tests for (almost) all of sphinx's custom markup
* Fixed Issue 170 (Wrong font embedding)
* Fixed Issue 171 (Damaged xref table)
* Fixed Issue 159 (Admonition and table widths were miscalculated)
* Fixed Issue 162 (wrong highlighting using sphinx)
* Changed default language policy as described in Issue 53
* Fixed Issue 148 (Images should be looked for relative to source document)
* Fixed Issue 158 (Some admonitions crashed pdfbuilder)
* Fixed Issue 154 (incompatibility with RL 2.1)
* Fixed Issue 155 (crash when sidebars split in a certain way)
* Fixed issue 152 (padding and alignment of table styles, like
when using literal blocks inside lists)
* Integrated pdfbuilder sphinx extension (more work needed)
* Kerning support for true type fonts (thanks to wordaxe!), added
to the docs, added convenience stylesheet.
* Fixed Issue 151 and behaviour on Issue 116, about images too large
for available space / the full frame height.
* Fixed problem in admonition titles.
* Fixed section names in headers/footers: FIRST section on the page
is used, not LAST.
* Fixed Issue 145: padding of literal blocks was broken.
* Fixed bug: paragraphs with ids should have the matching anchors
* Fixed bug: internal references were not linked correctly
* Fixed Issue 144: PDF TOC had wrong page numbers in some cases
* More sphinx compatibility
* New table styles code, also make class directive work for tables
* Fixed Issue 140: html-like markup in titles was kept in the PDF TOC
* Fixed Issue 138: Redid figure styling. Also fixed bugs in BoxedContainer
* Fixed Issue 137: bugs in escaping characters in interpreted roles
* Make it work (in a slightly degraded mode) without PIL, as
long as you are only using JPGs or have PythonMagick installed.
This is good for OS X, where "installing PIL is a PITA"
* Fixed issue 134: entities were replaced in interpreted roles
(not needed)
* Support for aafigure (
* Spacers support units
* TOC styles now configurable in stylesheet

New in 0.11

* Degrade more gracefully when one or more wordaxe hyphenators are
broken (currently DWC is the broken one)
* Fixed issue 132: in some cases, with user-defined fontAlias, bold and
italic would get confused (getting italic instead of bold in inline
markup, for instance).
* New stylesheet no-compact-lists to make lists... less compact
* SVG images now handle % as a width unit correctly.
* Implemented issue 127: support images in PDF format. Right now they
are rasterized, so it's not ideal. Perhaps something better will come up
* Fixed issue 129: make it work around a prblem with KeepTogether in RL 2.1
it probably makes the output look worse in some cases when using that.
RL 2.1 is not really supported, so added a warning.
* Fixed issue 130: use os.pathsep instead of ":" since ":" in windows is used
in disk names (and we still pay for DOS idiocy, in 2009)
* Fixed issue 128: headings level 3+ all looked the same
* Ugly bugfix for Issue 126: crashes when using images in header + TOC
* New tstyles section in the stylesheet provides more configurable list layouts
and more powerful table styling.
* Better syntax highlighting (supports bold/italic)
* Workaround for issue 103 so you can use borderPadding as a list (but it will look wrong
if you are using wordaxe <= 0.3.2)
* Added fieldvalue style for field lists
* Added optionlist tstyle, for option lists
* Added collection of utility stylesheets and documented it
* Improved command line parsing and stylesheet loading (guess
extension like latest rst2latex does)
* Fixed Issue 67: completely new list layouting code
* Fixed Issue 116: crashes caused by huge images
* Better support for %width in images, n2ow it's % of the container frame's
width, not of the text area.
* Fixed bug in SVG scaling
* Better handling of missing images
* Added missing styles abstract, contents, dedication to the default stylesheet
* Tables style support spaceBefore and spaceAfter
* New topic-title style for topic titles (obvious ;-)
* Vertical alignment for inline images (:align: parameter)
* Issue 118: Support for :scale: in images and handle resizing of inline images
* Issue 119: Fix placement of headers and footers
* New background property for page templates (nice for presentations, for example)
* Default to px for image width specifications instead of pt
* Support all required measurement units ("em" "ex" "px" "in" "cm"
"mm" "pt" "pc" "%" "")
* New automated scripts to check test cases for "visual differences"
* Respect images DPI property a bit like rst2latex does.
* Issue 110: New --inline-footnotes option
* Tested with reportlab from SVN trunk
* Support for Dinu Gherman's svglib. If both svglib and uniconvertor are available,
svglib is preferred (for SVG, of course). Patch originally by rute.
* Issue 109: Separate styles for each kind of admonition
* For Issue 109: missing styles are not a fatal error
* Issue 117: TOCs with more than 6 levels now supported (raised limit to 9, which
is silly deep)

New in 0.10.1

* Issue 114: Fixed bug in PDF TOC for sections containing ampersands

New in 0.10

* Issue 87: Table headers can be repeated in each page (thanks to Yasushi Masuda)
* Issue 93: Line number support for code blocks (:linenos: true)
* Issue 111: Added --no-footnote-backlinks option
* Issue 107: Support localized directives/roles (example: sommaire instead of contents)
* Issue 112: Fixed crash when processing empty list items
* Issue 98: Nobreak support, and set as default for inline-literals so they don't hyphenate.
* Slightly better tests
* Background colors in text styles work with reportlab 2.3
* Issue 99: Fixed hyphenation in headers/footers (requires wordaxe 0.3.2)
* Issue 106: Crash on demo.txt fixed (requires wordxe 0.3.2)
* Issue 102: Implemented styles for bulleted and numbered lists
* Issue 38: Default headers/footers via options, config file or stylesheet
* Issue 88: Implemented much better book-style TOCs
* Issue 100: Fixed bug with headers/footers and Reportlab 2.3
* Issue 95: Fixed bug with indented tables
* Issue 89: Implemented --version
* Issue 84: Fixed bug with relative include paths
* Issue 85: Fixed bug with table cell styles
* Issue 83: Fixed bug with numeric colors in backColor attribute
* Issue 44: Support for stdin and stdout
* Issue 79: Added --stylesheet-path option
* Issue 80: Send warnings to stderr, not stdout
* Issue 66: Implemented "smart quotes"
* Issue 77: Work around missing matplotlib
* Proper translation of labels (such as "Author", "Version" etc.) using the
docutils languages package. (r473)
* Fixed problems with wrong or non-existing fonts. (r484)
* Page transition effect support for presentations (r423)

New in 0.9

* Math support via Mathplotlib
* Huge bug in header/footer page numbers/section names fixed
* Several bugs in nested lists fixed (not 100% correct yet, but better)
* Lists that don't start at 1 work now
* Nicer definition lists

New in 0.8.1

* Support for more complex headers and footers
(including image directives and tables)
* Optional inline links
* Wordaxe 0.2.6 support
* Several bugs fixed (issues 48,68,41,60,58,64,67)
* Support for system-wide config file
* Better author metadata

New in 0.8

* Support for vector graphics: SVG, EPS, PS, CDR and others (requires uniconvertor)
* Support for stdin and stdout, so you can use rst2pdf in pipes.
* Works with reportlab 2.1 and 2.2
* Simpler stylesheets (guess bulletFontName, leading, bulletFontSize from other parameters)
* Some support for sphinx
* Fixed the docutils Writer interface
* Continue processing when an image is missing
* Support for user config file
* Font sizes can be expressed in units or % of parent style's size
* Larger font size in the default stylesheet

New in 0.7

* Automatic Type1 and True Type font embedding. Just use the font or family name, and (with a little luck), it will be embedded for you.
* width attribute in styles, to create narrow paragraphs/tables
* Styles for table headers and table cells
* "Zebra tables"
* Improvements in the handling of overflowing literal blocks (code, for instance)
* Different modes to handle too-large literal blocks: overflow/truncate/shrink.
* Real sidebars and "floating" elements.
* Fixed link style (no ugly black underlining!)

New in 0.6

* Stylesheet-defined page layout (For example, multicolumn) and layout switching
* Cascading Stylesheets (change exactly what you need changed)
* PDF table of contents
* Current section names and numbers in headers/footers
* Support for compressed PDF files
* Link color is configurable
* Fixed bugs in color handling
* Multilingual hyphenation
* Auto-guessing image size, support for sizes in %
* Gutter margins
* Big refactoring
* More tolerant of minor problems
* Limited _raw_ directive (you can insert pagebreaks and vertical space)
* Implemented a "traditional" docutils writer
* Offer a reasonable API for use as a library
* Fixed copyright/licensing
* code-block now supports including files (whole or in part) so you can highlight external code.

New in 0.5

* Support for :widths: in tables
* Support for captions in tables
* Support for multi-row headers in tables
* Improved definition lists
* Fixed bug in image directive
* Whitespace conforming to PEP8
* Fixed bug in text size on code-block
* Package is more setuptools compliant
* Fix for option groups in option lists
* Citations support
* Title reference role fix

New in 0.4

* Fixed bullet and item lists indentation/nesting.
* Implemented citations
* Working links between footnotes and its references
* Justification enabled by default
* Fixed table bug (demo.txt works now)
* Title and author support in PDF properties
* Support for document title in header/footer
* Custom page sizes and margins

New in 0.3

* Font embedding (use any True Type font in your PDFs)
* Syntax highlighter using Pygments
* User's manual
* External/custom stylesheets
* Support for page numbers in header/footer


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