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Unofficial python client for the Rooster Teeth api

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rt_api is a python client for the Rooster Teeth Api. It allows easy access to resources such as episodes, seasons, shows, and users.

It supports Python 2.7, 3.4-3.7, as well as PyPy.


To install rt_api, run:

pip install rt_api

Alternatively rt_api can be installed from source by cloning the repository and running setuptools:

git clone
cd rt_api
python install

Using rt_api

The main entry point for the library is the Api class. Instantiating this class will give access to all of the API functionality. For example:

from rt_api.api import Api

api = Api()  # Instantiate api. Generates default access token.
latest_episodes = api.episodes()  # Get an iterable of the latest episodes
newest_episode = next(latest_episodes)
print(newest_episode.title)  # Print out episode title
show =  # Get a reference to the show the episode is from
print(  # Print out name of the show

If you want to be able to perform actions as a specific user, you must first authenticate:

from rt_api.api import Api

api = Api()
api.authenticate("myUsername", "myPassword")  # Authenticate as myUsername

From this point, all actions performed will be done in the context of that user. For instance, the current user is available through the me attribute of the api:

my_user =  # Get the user object associated with the authenticated user
my_user.queue  # Get the current user's episode watch list

For more information on the available actions, see the package documentation, or some examples.

Download files

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