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Downloader/organizer for ruv programs

Project description

Sync available ruv programs to your computer

Build: CircleCI


pip install ruv-dl


See ruv-dl --help


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Create and activate a virtual environment (install tox or rely on system wide installation)
  3. cd $PATH_TO_RUV_DL
  4. pip install -e ./
  5. Run the tests: tox


Ruv-dl works best when it's being run periodically in cron. Start by running it manually and start downloading some programs, e.g. ruv-dl download Hvolpasveitin. Now that program is considered to be synced. After that you can run ruv-dl download -u and it will attempt to download new episodes in previously synced programs.


All configuration is done via command-line arguments. The one you're most likely to want to change is the --destination flag.

ruv-dl --destination /media/TV download -u


No data migrations will be run unless you explicitly call them, and the program might exit abruptly if it senses a missing migration. Make sure to call the migrate command with the same parameters as you would call the download command.

ruv-dl --destination /media/TV migrate 1

Note that some migrations expect you to have already attempted a download, so do not run migrations unless the program tells you to.

Uploading a new version

  1. Set a new version in
  2. Run . ./ (this is assuming you have lastpass. Optional if you want to type your pypi credentials manually).
  3. Run make pypi

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