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Shapefile to graph/network converter in Python

Project description

# python-s2g

(S)hapefile (2) Graph/network converter in Python

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When we process GIS data, a non-trivial problem is the conversion from shape lines to graph or network data structure.
The latter may benefit from these out-of-box graphical libraries such as [networkx](
and [igraph]( But the conversion is a headache to components open communities.
This mostly urges me to finish this tiny but useful library.

# Install

pip install -U s2g

# Usage

You have two alternative ways to construct the graph. One is reading from a raw shapefiles with `LineString` objects.
(Under the hood, I involve [fiona]( to read geometries and
[shapely]( to analyze the data.).
Currently, this tool only supports conversion to *undirected graph*.

from s2g import ShapeGraph
import networkx as nx

sg = ShapeGraph(shapefile='path/to/roads.shp', to_graph=True)
assert isinstance(sg.graph, nx.Graph)

The other way is designed for programmable usage or time-consuming process where intermediate data could be sniffed or
saved. Here is an example to read lines with [fiona]:

from s2g import ShapeGraph
import fiona
from shapely.geometry import shape, LineString

shp = 'path/to/shapefile.shp'

with as source:
geoms = []
for r in source:
s = shape(r['geometry'])
if isinstance(s, LineString):

# create ShapeGraph object from a list of lines
sg = ShapeGraph(geoms, to_graph=False)

# detect major components
mc = sg.gen_major_components()
# major components are mc[2]

# convert the largest component to networkx Graph
graph = sg.to_networkx() # equivalently sg.graph

Dive into [source doc]( to discover other functionalities.

## References

* [shp2graph]( in R by Binbin Lu, as well as [his talk]( on useR! 2011
* [A Tutorial on Topology Correction of Shapefiles Using GRASS](

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