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Tar (and compress) files in s3

Project description



Create a tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2 file from many s3 files and stream back into s3.


pip install s3-tar


Set the environment variable S3_ENDPOINT_URL to use a custom s3 host (minio/etc...)

Command Line

To see all command line options run:
s3-tar -h


from s3_tar import S3Tar

# Init the job
job = S3Tar(
    'FILE_TO_SAVE_TO.tar',  # Use `tar.gz` or `tar.bz2` to enable compression
    # target_bucket=None,  # Default: source bucket. Can be used to save the archive into a different bucket
    # min_file_size='50MB',  # Default: None. The min size to make each tar file [B,KB,MB,GB,TB]. If set, a number will be added to each file name
    # cache_size=5,  # Default 5. Number of files to hold in memory to be processed
    # save_metadata=False,  # If True, and the file has metadata, save a file with the same name using the suffix of `.metadata.json`
    # remove_keys=False,  # If True, will delete s3 files after the tar is created
    # allow_dups=False,  # When False, will raise ValueError if a file will overwrite another in the tar file, set to True to ignore 
    # session=boto3.session.Session(),  # For custom aws session
# Add files, can call multiple times to add files from other directories
    # folder='',  # If a folder is set, then all files from this directory will be added into that folder in the tar file
    # preserve_paths=False,  # If True, it will use the dir paths relative to the input path inside the tar file
# Add a single file at a time
    # folder='',  # If a folder is set, then the file will be added into that folder in the tar file
# Start the tar'ing job after files have been added

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s3-tar-0.1.6.tar.gz (9.3 kB view hashes)

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