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Line stream s3 files into ~uniform lumps in S3

Project description


Read files from S3 as defined by a key prefix and map them by lines to
a set of optionally gzip compressed output files in S3, with the
output files limited by (pre-compressed) file size. The string "{}"
in the output key will be substituted with the (zero-based) index of
the output files.


s3lncoll: Line stream s3 files into ~uniform lumps in S3

Usage: s3lncoll {{arguments}} {{options}}

from [text] S3 URL prefix to clump
to [text] S3 URL for target clump ('{}' will be the count)

-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-H, --HELP Help for all sub-commands
-D, --debug Enable debug logging
-d, --delete Delete source files/keys
-j, --json Validate each line as JSONM
-q, --quiet Be quiet, be vewy vewy quiet
-V, --version Report installed version
-z, --compress Ccompress (gzip) the target(s)
-b, --blocksize [int] Maximum size of pre-compressed output files in bytes. (default: 1048576)


s3lncoll has a pipe and filter architecture which streams a set of keys as defined by a prefix
through a `LineStream`. `LineStream` reads the files under the keys and spits out a single line
via an iterator. `RotatingFileCtx` receives that stream of lines and aggregates them into chunked
files (of a maximum size or a single line, whichever is the larger), followed by flushing the
lines out to a provided S3 path.

| |
| +------------+ +-------------------------+ |
| | | | | |
| bucket Keys | LineStream | Lines | RotatingFileCtx | S3 Files |
| ------------> | | ------------> | | ------------> |
| | | | | |
| +------------+ +-------------------------+ |
| |
| +---------------------------+ |
| | | |
| | Scheduler | |
| | | |
| +---------------------------+ |
| |
| s3lncoll |

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