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S3 Object Store. Store and retrieve python objects in s3 simply..

Project description

S3 Object Store


Simple pythonic wrapper to use s3 as a python object store.

Provides simple object storage methods; and a Dict-like interface for more complicated uses.


Basic usage:

from s3os import store_simple, retrieve_simple, delete_simple

my_object = [1, 2, 3]

store_simple("my_key", my_object)

assert retrieve_simple("my_key") == my_object


The above example uses a global namespace in the bucket "s3os" - i.e. all the default settings of this package.

You can specify your own namespaces (i.e. buckets) as follows:

from s3os import store, retrieve, delete, ObjectLocation, Bucket

my_bucket = Bucket("my_bucket")
my_object_location = ObjectLocation("my_key", bucket=my_bucket)
my_object = [1, 2, 3]

store(my_object_location, my_object)

assert retrieve(my_object_location) == my_object


Or simply use s3 like a normal python dictionary:

from s3os import S3Dict, S3DictConfig, Bucket

my_bucket = Bucket("my_bucket")
s3dict = S3Dict(_config=S3DictConfig(id="my_dict_id", bucket=my_bucket))

# Store information in s3
s3dict["apples"] = 5
s3dict["bananas"] = 2


# Later, or in a different python executable, access the same dictionary again:
my_bucket = Bucket("my_bucket")
s3dict = S3Dict(_config=S3DictConfig(id="my_dict_id", bucket=my_bucket))

print(s3dict["apples])  # 5
print(s3dict.get_all_from_s3())  # {"apples": 5, "bananas": 2}

By default, S3Dict uses an internal cache to speed up item retrieval. Set and Delete operations are always performed synchronously.


Install the package:

pip install s3os

Setup your AWS credentials. For example set these environment variables:


Also see for more authentication options.

Note: boto.client() and Session authentication methods are not currently supported - raise an issue or submit a PR if you want them!

Development installation

Install poetry - see

The following command should be used to install the dependencies:

poetry install


The following command should be used to run the tests:

poetry run pytest tests

Valid AWS authentication credentials are required to run some of the tests. See setup instructions.

The tests make a very small number of calls to S3, so the cost of running the tests is negligible.

Project details

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