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Python client for API

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Docs are available at Pull requests with documentation enhancements and/or fixes are awesome and most welcome.


  • python >= 2.6


sailplay could be installed using pip:

pip install sailplay


Initialize API client

You should have pin, store_department_id and store_department_key from the service.

from sailplay import SailPlayClient

client = SailPlayClient(pin, store_department_id, store_department_key)

Additional params

client = SailPlayClient(
    pin, store_department_id, store_department_key,
    token="token-here", # Set token manually (default "")
    silence=True,       # Dont fail on API errors (default False)
    loglevel="debug",   # Set log level (default INFO)

Get API token

print client.token

Working with api

Sailplay have nice and easy syntax. Just have a look:

# Get events list

# Create a new user
client.api.users.add(user_phone='...', first_name='...', last_name='...')

# Get info about user'...')

# Create purchase**params)

# You also could use getitem syntax for params
# Same as

# And etc. I hope you make decision how the client works :)

For now client chooses API version automaticaly.

Context manager

You could redefine the client settings in context:

with client.ctx(silence=True):
    # Errors will not be raised here
    client.api.users.add(user_phone='...', first_name='...', last_name='...')

Raw api request

You could make raw request to sailplay API:

client.request(method='GET', url='/users/info', data={...})

Have a nice codding!

Bug tracker

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or annoyances please report them to the issue tracker at


Development of starter happens at github:


  • klen (Kirill Klenov)


Licensed under a BSD license.

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