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A [duniter]( Python client

Project description

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This project is not maintained anymore since 18/01/2021. No more new version or maintenance will be done.

Vit thanks Inso for this wonderful project, and every enthusiast users.


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Python3 and PyQt5 Client for duniter project.


  • Accounts management
  • Communities viewing
  • Money Transfer
  • Wallets management
  • Contacts management
  • Joining a community, publishing keys
  • Multiple wallets management


General tips : use pyenv to build sakia, as described in the documentation

Building Python with pyenv requires libraries of openssl and sqlite3. On Ubuntu, install it using the following commands :

apt-get update
apt-get install libssl-dev
apt-get install libsqlite3-dev

Install with pip

  • Run pip install sakia
  • start "sakia" :)

Download latest release

Command line options

-d to display log to debug

--currency g1-test to connect to the g1-test currency network.


  • When writing docstrings, use the reStructuredText format recommended by PEP 0287
  • Use make commands to check the code and the format it correct.

The development tools require Python 3.6.x or higher.

  • Install a supported Python version with pyenv

      curl -L | bash
  • Create a virtualenv in the project folder:

      python -m venv .venv
  • Install dependencies

      pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run Sakia from the source code

      PYTHONPATH="`pwd`/src/." python src/sakia/
  • Before submiting a merge requests, please check the static typing and tests.

  • Install dev dependencies

      pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
  • Check static typing with mypy

      make check
  • Run all unit tests (pytest module) with:

      make tests

Warning: do not run tests with sakia installed in your dev environment, because pytest will use the installed Sakia.

  • Run only some unit tests by passing a special ENV variable:

      make tests TESTS_FILTER=tests/functional/

Packaging and deploy


In the development pyenv environment, install the tools to build and deploy

pip install --upgrade -r requirements_deploy.txt

Change and commit and tag the new version number (semantic version number)

./ 0.x.y

Build the PyPi package in the dist folder

make build

Deploy the package to PyPi test repository (prefix the command with a space in order for the shell not to save in its history system the command containing the password)

[SPACE]make deploy_test PYPI_TEST_LOGIN=xxxx PYPI_TEST_PASSWORD=xxxx

Install the package from PyPi test repository

pip install --index-url --extra-index-url sakia

Deploy the package on the PyPi repository (prefix the command with a space in order for the shell not to save in its history system the command containing the password)

[SPACE]make deploy PYPI_LOGIN=xxxx PYPI_PASSWORD=xxxx

Wheel Build scripts

make build

Or manually:

  • Install wheel with pip install wheel
  • Run python3 in sakia folder
  • Run python3 in sakia folder
  • To build the wheel : Run python3 bdist_wheel in sakia folder


make appimage

The make command will do a wheel build, then create the AppImage file ci/appimage/Sakia_x86_64.AppImage

Pyinstaller Build scripts (not maintained)

  • Install pyinstaller with pip install pyinstaller
  • Run python3 in sakia folder
  • Run python3 in sakia folder
  • To build the binaries : Run pyinstall sakia.spec


This software is distributed under GNU GPLv3.

Project details

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