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AMQP support for Sanic framework

Project description

AMQP support for Sanic framework


  • Based on the aioamqp library

  • Provides an opportunity to implement workers that works in background


This package should be installed using pip:

pip install sanic-amqp-extension


from sanic import Sanic, response
from sanic_amqp_ext import AmqpExtension, AmqpWorker

app = Sanic(__name__)
# Configuration for RabbitMQ
    "AMQP_USERNAME": "guest",
    "AMQP_PASSWORD": "guest",
    "AMQP_HOST": "localhost",
    "AMQP_PORT": 5672,
    "AMQP_VIRTUAL_HOST": "vhost",
    "AMQP_USING_SSL": False,
AmqpExtension(app) # AMQP is available as `app.amqp` or `app.extensions['amqp']`

class CustomWorker(AmqpWorker):

    async def run(self, *args, **kwargs):
        transport, protocol = await self.connect()  # create a new connection
        # and do some stuff here ...

# Register workers after initializing the extension

async def handle(request):
    transport, protocol = await  # create a new connection
    # do some stuff here ...
    # P.S. but don't forget to close the connection after using
    return response.text("It's works!")


The sanic-amqp-extension is published under BSD license. For more details read LICENSE file.

Real project examples

Open Matchmaking project:

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