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A server-side secure sessions plugin for Sanic

Project description

Gotta get your sessions fast!

Cookie-based sessions are still a common way to track users's sessions.
Flask and Django have really good support for server-side sessions, but not Sanic yet.
So `sanic-secure-session` is an attempt to create a simple yet enough secure session support for Sanic.

* Server-side sessions (currently only Redis backend implemented)
* Signed session cookie (sure, using `itsdangerous`)
* Easily extensible backends (only serialization and storage-related logic there)

## Usage example

from datetime import timedelta

import asyncio_redis
from sanic import Sanic
from sanic.response import text

from sanic_secure_session import SanicSession
from sanic_secure_session.backends.redis import RedisStorageBackend

class RedisPool:
A simple wrapper class that allows you to share a connection
pool across your application.
_pool = None

async def get_pool(self):
if not self._pool:
self._pool = await asyncio_redis.Pool.create(
host='localhost', port=6379, poolsize=10

return self._pool

redis_pool = RedisPool()

storage_backend = RedisStorageBackend(redis_connection=redis_pool.get_pool)

app = Sanic()
SanicSession(app, secret_key='aeNgaif6Ieyishoh', storage_backend=storage_backend,
ttl=timedelta(minutes=1), http_only=True, secure=True)

async def index(request):
# interact with the session like a normal dict
if not request['session'].get('foo'):
request['session']['foo'] = 0

request['session']['foo'] += 1

return text({
'cookies': request.cookies,
'session': request['session']

if __name__ == "__main__":"", port=8000, debug=True)


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