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Python driver for Sartorius and Minebea Intec scales.

Project description


Asynchronous python ethernet interface and command-line tool for Sartorius and Minebea Intec scales.


This driver should work for any ethernet scale that uses the standardized communications protocol of the Scale Manufacturers Association. However, it has only been tested on the following models:

  • Minebea Intec Signum
  • Sartorius Entris
  • Sartorius Miras


pip install sartorius

Scale Setup

For Minebea scale setup, navigate to SETUP - UNICOM - DATAPROT - ETHER.

  • Make sure SRC.IP is set to a valid LAN address
  • Ensure MODE - SBI-SRV - 6.1.1 is set (manual says this should be default but it is not)
  • All other defaults are good

This driver is intended to be stable to disconnects, so operators should be able to unplug and reposition the device without affecting any long polling.

Command Line

$ sartorius scale-ip.local
    "mass": 0.0,
    "units": "kg",
    "stable": true,
    "info": {
        "model": "SIWADCP-1-",
        "serial": "37454321",
        "software": "00-37-09"

If using a port other than the default of 49155 e.g. for a MODBUS gateway, use --port or a colon between the IP address and port. sartorius --port 10000 or sartorius

You can tare and zero with --zero and remove the info field with --no-info. See sartorius --help for more.

To use in shell scripts, parse the json output with something like jq. For example, sartorius scale-ip.local | jq .mass will return the mass.


If you'd like to link this to more complex behavior, consider using a Python script. This driver exclusively supports asynchronous Python ≥3.7.

import asyncio
import sartorius

async def get():
    async with sartorius.Scale('scale-ip.local') as scale:
        await             # Zero and tare the scale
        print(await scale.get())       # Get mass, units, stability
        print(await scale.get_info())  # Get model, serial, software version

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