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Library for munging data files from ClusPro/FTMap/etc.

Project description

Python library and associated scripts for munging data files from ClusPro/FTMap/etc.


From PyPI

Ensure you have pip, then run:

[sudo] pip install sblu

From source

First, install psfgen (see below) if you’re planning to use pdbprep functionality.

Clone the repository to your local machine:

git clone

After cloning, you should be able to install using:

cd sb-lab-utils
[sudo] pip install -r requirements/development.txt
[sudo] python install

sudo is only needed if you are installing it globally. We recommend use of Anaconda (



Building PSF files requires psfgen utility from NAMD package.

Download recent precompiled version of NAMD (2.12 Linux-x86_64-multicore) from (registration is required).

Extract the archive and copy the psfgen binary to /usr/local/bin/ (or, if you wish, any other location listed in your PATH environment variable):

tar zxf NAMD_2.12_Linux-x86_64-multicore.tar.gz && sudo cp NAMD_2.12_Linux-x86_64-multicore/psfgen "/usr/local/bin/"

Python modules

If you’re using Anaconda or already have NumPy installed from any other source, then you should be fine just running pip install -r requirements/development.txt.

If you don’t have NumPy, you might get a cryptic No files/directories in /tmp/pip-install-xxxxx/ProDy/pip-egg-info (from PKG-INFO) error during this step.

To resolve it, just install NumPy manually: pip install numpy>=1.10, and then re-run the command above.


Some basic examples are included in the examples directory.

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