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A Python interface to SC14N

Project description

The utility Sc14n performs the C14N transformation of a straightforward XML document.

The transformation can be of the complete document, a subset of the document, or the document excluding a given subset. The subset can be specified either by its ID or tag name.

>>> # Example 1. Excludes the first element with the tag name <Signature>
>>> r = C14n.file2file("c14nfile1.txt", "input.xml", "Signature", Tran.OMITBYTAG)
>>> # Example 2. Finds and transforms the first element with the tag name <SignedInfo>
>>> r = C14n.file2file("c14nfile2.txt", "input.xml", "SignedInfo", Tran.SUBSETBYTAG)
>>> # Example 3. Finds and transforms the third element with the tag name <Data>
>>> r = C14n.file2file("c14nfile3.txt", "input.xml", "Data[3]", Tran.SUBSETBYTAG)
>>> # Example 4. Finds and transforms the element with attribute Id="foo"
>>> r = C14n.file2file("c14nfile4.txt", "input.xml", "foo", Tran.SUBSETBYID)
>>> # Example 5. Finds and transforms the element with attribute ID="bar"
>>> r = C14n.file2file("c14nfile5.txt", "input.xml", "ID=bar", Tran.SUBSETBYID)
>>> # Example 6. Excludes element with attribute Id="thesig"
>>> r = C14n.file2file("c14nfile6.txt", "input.xml", "thesig", Tran.OMITBYID)

For full details of all available methods and options, please see the documentation.

Sc14n can be used with a cryptographic library to sign XML documents using XML-DSIG. We recommend our cryptographic library CryptoSys PKI available from

System requirements

Windows platforms with Python 3. Requires the Windows program Sc14n to be installed on your system, available from

To carry out the cryptographic signing examples in you must also install CryptoSys PKI and (see links below).



For more information or to make suggestions, please contact us at

David Ireland
DI Management Services Pty Ltd
28 December 2018

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