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Simple access to Google Scholar authors and citations

Project description is a module that allows you to retrieve author and publication information from Google Scholar in a friendly, Pythonic way.


Note that because of the nature of web scraping, this project will be in perpetual alpha.


  • Initial release.


Requires bibtexparser and Beautiful Soup.


Use pip:

pip install scholarly

Or clone the package:

git clone


Because scholarly does not use an official API, no key is required. Simply:

import scholarly

print scholarly.search_author('Steven A. Cholewiak').next()


  • search_author – Search for an author by name and return a generator of Author objects.
search_query = scholarly.search_author('Manish Singh')
{'_filled': False,
 'affiliation': u'Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ',
 'citedby': 2179,
 'email': u'',
 'id': '9XRvM88AAAAJ',
 'interests': [u'Human perception',
               u'Computational Vision',
               u'Cognitive Science'],
 'name': u'Manish Singh',
 'url_citations': '/citations?user=9XRvM88AAAAJ&hl=en',
 'url_picture': '/citations/images/avatar_scholar_150.jpg'}
  • search_keyword – Search by keyword and return a generator of Author objects.
search_query = scholarly.search_keyword('Haptics')
{'_filled': False,
 'affiliation': u'Stanford University',
 'citedby': 17867,
 'email': u'',
 'id': '4arkOLcAAAAJ',
 'interests': [u'Robotics', u'Haptics', u'Human Motion'],
 'name': u'Oussama Khatib',
 'url_citations': '/citations?user=4arkOLcAAAAJ&hl=en',
 'url_picture': '/citations/images/avatar_scholar_150.jpg'}
  • search_pubs_query – Search for articles/publications and return generator of Publication objects.
search_query = scholarly.search_pubs_query('The perception of physical stability of 3d objects The role of parts')
{'_filled': False,
 'bib': {'abstract': u'Research on 3D shape has focused largely on the perception of local geometric properties, such as surface depth, orientation, or curvature. Relatively little is known about how the visual system organizes local measurements into global shape representations.  ...',
         'author': u'SA Cholewiak and M Singh and R Fleming\u2026',
         'title': u'The perception of physical stability of 3d objects: The role of parts',
         'url': ''},
 'id_scholarcitedby': '8373403526432059892',
 'source': 'scholar',
 'url_scholarbib': '/scholar.bib?'}


Here’s a quick example demonstrating how to retrieve an author’s profile then retrieve the titles of the papers that cite his most popular (cited) paper.

# Retrieve the author's data, fill-in, and print
search_query = scholarly.search_author('Steven A Cholewiak')
author =
print author

# Print the titles of the author's publications
print [pub.bib['title'] for pub in author.publications]

# Take a closer look at the first publication
pub = author.publications[0].fill()
print pub

# Which papers cited that publication?
print [citation.bib['title'] for citation in pub.citedby()]


The original code that this project was forked from was released by Bello Chalmers under a WTFPL license. In keeping with this mentality, all code is released under the Unlicense.

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