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Sci4All - scientific toolbox for high school and higher education

Project description

# Sci4All – scientific toolbox for high school and higher education

Sci4All is a scientific toolbox for high school and higher education.

Sci4All builds on scipy with the aim to deliver simple, expressive and intuitive interfaces for various operations, intended to be appropriate for interactive use in tools such as Jupyter Notebook. The library aims to offer interfaces that are effective and powerful, yet simple to use.

Key objectives of Sci4All are:

  • It should be easy to use with a natural and intuitive API, in a way that makes it suitable for non-programmers at the high school level.

  • It should prepare students for using scientific tools in higher education. Interfaces should be kept simple, but not at the expense of over-simplifying or “dumbing down” the tools.

  • It should build on and provide access to strong lower level scientific tools, methodologies and algorithmic programming, within an environment that is suitable for continued use by students in further higher education studies and academic work

  • Though the main target audience for the toolbox is high school students, when possible it should aim to design interfaces that are also appropriate for use in research and higher education, offering more convenient, intuitive or terse access to functionality in libraries that Sci4All builds on.

Sci4All provides friendly, expressive and intuitive interfaces to some capabilities of modules such as SciPy and Matplotlib, thus making certain scientific functionality of those modules accessible to non-programmers. However, the full power of those modules as well as the Python programming are still available, allowing students to gradually adopt more advanced use of those libraries and as their skills grow.

By offering Sci4All for scientific work at the high school level, our hope is that students will have access to a set of tools that are not only appropriate for their current educational level, but also provide experience with a proper modern programming language (python), enable methodologies and work habits appropriate for higher level scientific work, and offer hands-on experience with an ecosystem of open source tools that can also serve their future needs.

# Sci4All license

Sci4All is released under the [GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0]( or later. License details are included with the library source code.

# Installing

Once released, the library with source code can be installed from [PyPI](, and can also be downloaded from the [Sci4All website](

# Getting information about Sci4All

Information will be available at the [Sci4All website](

# Project status

The project is in early development and will be released as a pre-alpha in near future. Stay tuned …

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