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Download-Annotate-TCGA: Facilitates the download of data and annotation with metadata from TCGA

Project description

Sci-dat: Download Annotate TCGA PyPI

A package developed to enable the download an annotation of TCGA data from



pip install scidat



The API combines the functions in Download and Annotation. It removes some of the ability to set specific directories etc but makes it easier to perform the functions.

See example notebook for how we get the following from the TCGA site:

    1. manifest_file
    2. gdc_client
    3. clinical_file
    4. sample_file
api = API(manifest_file, gdc_client, clinical_file, sample_file, requires_lst=None, clin_cols=None,
                 max_cnt=100, sciutil=None, split_manifest_dir='.', download_dir='.', meta_dir='.', sep='_')

Step 1. Download manifest data

# Downloads every file using default parameters in the manifest file
# This will also unzip and copy the files all into one directory

Step 2. Annotation

# Builds the annotation information

Step 3. Download mutation data

# Downloads all the mutation data for all the cases in the clinical_file

Step 4. Generate RNAseq dataframe

# Generates the RNA dataframe from the downloaded folder

Step 5. Get cases that have any mutations or specific mutations

# Returns a list of cases that have mutations (either in any gene if gene_list = None or in specific genes)
list_of_cases = api.get_cases_with_mutations(gene_list=None, id_type='symbol')

# Get genes with a small deletion
filter_col = 'ssm.consequence.0.transcript.gene.symbol'
genes = api.get_mutation_values_on_filter(filter_col, ['Small deletion'], 'ssm.mutation_subtype')

# Get genes with a specifc genomic change: ssm.genomic_dna_change
filter_col = 'case_id'
cases =  api.get_mutation_values_on_filter(filter_col, ['chr13:g.45340134A>G'], 'ssm.genomic_dna_change')

Step 6. Get cases with specific metadata information

Metadata list:

example: {'gender': ['female'], 'tumor_stage_num': [1, 2]}

Method can be any i.e. it satisfies any of the conditions, or all, a case has to satisfy all the conditions in the meta_dict

# Returns cases that have the chosen metadata information e.g. gender, race, tumour_stage_num
cases_list = api.get_cases_with_meta(meta: dict, method="all")

Step 7. Get genes with mutations

# Returns a list of genes with mutations for specific cases
list_of_genes = api.get_genes_with_mutations(case_ids=None, id_type='symbol')

Step 8. Get values from the dataframe

# Returns the values, columns, dataframe of a subset of the RNAseq dataframe
values, columns, dataframe = get_values_from_df(df: pd.DataFrame, gene_id_column: str, case_ids=None, gene_ids=None,
                           column_name_includes=None, column_name_method="all")


# Downloads data using a manifest file
download = Download(manifest_file, split_manifest_dir, download_dir, gdc_client, max_cnt=100)
# Downloads data from API to complement data from manifest file
# example datatype = mutation (this is the only one implemented for now)
download.download_data_using_api(case_ids: list, data_type: str)


** Generate annotation using clinical information from TCGA **

annotator = Annotate(output_dir: str, clinical_file: str, sample_file: str, manifest_file: str, file_types: list,
                 sep='_', clin_cols=None)
# Generate the annotate dataframe

# Save the dataframe to a csv file
annotator.save_annotation(output_directory: str, filename: str)

# Save the clinical information to a csv file
annotator.save_annotated_clinical_df(output_directory: str, filename: str)

** Download mutation data for the cases of interest ** Note we first need to download the data using the download_data_using_api from above.


# Get that dataframe
mutation_df = annotator.get_mutation_df()

# Save the mutation dataframe to a csv
annotator.save_mutation_df(output_directory: str, filename: str)

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