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Scikit Data Access Package for accessing scientific data sets.

Project description

Scikit Data Access

  • Import scientific data from various sources through one easy Python API.
  • Use iterator patterns for each data source (configurable data generators + functions to get next data chunk).
  • Skip parser programming and file format handling.
  • Enjoy a common namespace for all data and unleash the power of data fusion.
  • Handle data distribution in different modes: (1) local download, (2) caching of accessed data, or (3) online stream access
  • Easily pull data on cloud servers through Python scripts and facilitate large-scale parallel processing.
  • Build on an extensible plattform: Adding access to a new data source only requires addition of its "".
  • Open source (MIT License)

Scikit Data Access Overview

Supported data sets:




Description & Data Source



astro.kepler Preview Light curves for stars imaged by the NASA Kepler Space Telescope


astro.spectra Preview Spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Source: Preview Light curves from TESS Data Alerts


astro.tess.simulated Preview Simulated light curves from TESS End-to-End 6


astro.voyager Preview Data from the Voyager mission.
Engineering Preview Traffic Count data in Los Angeles.
Source: Preview Images from webcams located at the MIT Sailing Pavilion


finance.timeseries Preview Financial time series data retrieved using Alpha Vantage API.


geo.era_interim Preview Era-Interim data at different pressure values from
the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts accessed through the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.


geo.gldas Preview Land hydrology model produced by NASA. This version of the data is generated to match the GRACE temporal and spatial characteristics and is available as a complementary data product.


geo.grace Preview NASA GRACE Tellus Monthly Mass Grids. 30-day measurements of changes in Earth’s gravity field to quantify equivalent water thickness.


geo.grace.mascon Preview NASA GRACE Tellus Monthly Mass Grids - Global Mascons. 30-day measurements of changes in Earth’s gravity field to quantify equivalent water thickness. Source:


geo.groundwater Preview United States groundwater monitoring wells measuring the depth to water level. Source:


geo.magnetometer Preview Data collected at magnetic observatories operated by the U.S. Geological Survey. Source:


geo.mahali.rinex Preview Rinex files from the MIT led NSF project studying the Earth’s ionosphere with GPS.


geo.mahali.tec Preview Total Electron Content from the MIT led NSF project studying the Earth’s ionosphere with GPS.


geo.mahali.temperature Preview Temperature data from the MIT led NSF project studying the Earth’s ionosphere with GPS.


geo.modis Preview Spectroradiometer aboard the NASA Terra and Aqua image satellites. Generates approximately daily images of the Earth’s surface.


geo.pbo Preview EarthScope - Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO): Daily GPS displacement time series measurements throughout the United States.


geo.sentinel_1 Preview Sentinel-1 TOPSAR data from the European Space Agency retrieved from the Alaska Satellite Facility.


geo.srtm Preview Elevation data at a one arc second resolution from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTMGL1).


geo.uavsar Preview UAVSAR SLC data from JPL.


geo.wyoming_sounding Preview Sounding data from the University of Wyoming.
Planetary Science


planetary.ode Preview Mars planetary data from PDS Geosciences Node's Orbital Data Explorer.
Solar Science


solar.sdo Preview Images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.


pip install scikit-dataaccess



Project lead: Victor Pankratius (MIT)
Contributors: Cody M. Rude, Justin D. Li, David M. Blair, Michael G. Gowanlock, Guillaume Rongier, Victor Pankratius

New contributors welcome! Contact to contribute and add interface code for your own datasets :smile:


We acknowledge support from NASA AIST14-NNX15AG84G, NASA AIST16-80NSSC17K0125, NSF ACI-1442997, and NSF AGS-1343967.


Code examples (Jupyter notebooks) for all datasets listed above are available at: /skdaccess/examples

Scikit Data Access Overview

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