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ANAC Supply Chain Management League Platform

Project description

ANAC Supply Chain Management League Platform


This repository is the official platform for running ANAC Supply Chain Management Leagues. It will contain a package called scmlXXXX for the competition run in year XXXX. For example scml2019 will contain all files related to the 2019’s version of the competition.


pip install scml

You can also install the in-development version with:

pip install


To run the all tests run:


Note, to combine the coverage data from all the tox environments run:

set PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append
PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append tox


0.3.0 (2020.7.2)

This is an important update. All participants in SCML 2020 should upgrade to this version

  • [bugfix] Production cost is not properly discounted. This is an important issue. All simulations were conducted using the same zero production cost for all factories.
  • Speeding up tournament tests (smaller worlds)
  • consistent naming of non-competitors
  • Adding dynamic choice of non-competitors
  • Removing random from the set of default agents
  • Compatibility with NegMAS 0.6.14

0.2.14 (2020.5.05)

  • [docs] documentation and testing update.
  • [setup] Making PyQT optional.
  • [setup] Requiring negmas 0.6.13.

0.2.13 (2020.4.15)

  • [docs] Adding more tutorials
  • minor. Maing the controller optional in request_negotiations
  • adding score to FactorySimulator to estimate final score

0.2.12 (2020.4.13)

  • forcing negmas 0.6.11 or newer
  • documentation update
  • enabling setting the mechanism parameters in SCML2020World
  • bugfix in PredictionBasedTradingStrategy

0.2.11 (2020.3.29)

  • bugfix in the CLI when running tournament2019
  • bugfix in MeanERPrediction for breached contracts
  • making CheapBuyer compatible with the latest negmas version
  • doc update
  • removing all agent logs in built-in agents to speedup simulations
  • changing cli script name back to This was done to avoid a weird import error when running configs that use the cli in pycharm
  • adding profiling info snapshot to the repository

0.2.10 (2020.3.25)

  • minor updates to be compatible with the latest negmas
  • documentation update
  • avoid exception if gui is not installed

0.2.9 (2020.3.19)

  • CI using Github Actions
  • consolidating tests outside src directory
  • Adding advanced script and upgrading negmas
  • removing unnecessary init function from simulator
  • showing shorter names in tournament run results

0.2.8 (2020.3.13)

  • documentation update (specially the scripts section)
  • Adding a –gui option to scml CLI to run it as a simple GUI
  • Simplifying the parameters of SCML CLI by keeping only the onese that do not conflict with the default parameters used in the competition
  • adding a script call which keep all the detailed parameters used earlied in SCML.

0.2.7 (2020.3.09)

  • Documentation update
  • Adding trading_strategy_init/step functions.
  • Correcting a bug in n_competitors_per_world.
  • allowing control of the number of participants per simulation explicitly in scml2020
  • [SCML2020] Activating negotiation step quota
  • [Doc] Adding a tutorial about logs and stats
  • correcting the display in scml run2020
  • removing the docs from the package to save space

0.2.6 (2020.2.27)

  • [testing] correcting a test to ignore system agents when checking for bankruptcy
  • [minor] Reformating using Black
  • [bugfix] Resolving a but in the CLI tournament command that prevented it from running with default parameters

0.2.5 (2020.2.27)

  • [Documentation] Removing inherited members to make the documentation easier to follow
  • [CLI] Improving the display of run2020 command

0.2.4 (2020.2.21)

  • [speed] improvement in tournament running
  • [bugfix] handling very short simulations

0.2.3 (2020.2.15)

  • adding more details to tournament runs
  • update to tournament utilities of SCML2020
  • doc update and correcting a bug in world generation
  • better initialization of production graph depth
  • correcting default factory assignments (if any)
  • making do_nothing agent really do nothing in scml2020
  • removing unnecessary assertion
  • correcting world generation using the new width first approach
  • correcting world generation using the new width first approach
  • documentation update
  • adding no_logs option to SCMLWorld2019 and SCMLWorld2020
  • changing default logging location for SCML2019 and SCML2020 to ~/negmas/logs/tournament
  • changing the way worlds are generated in SCML2020 to minimize the number of agents per level allowing the depth to increase
  • removing built docs from the repository
  • modification to .gitignore
  • updating .gitignore

0.2.2 (2020.1.31)

  • adding components
  • adding second tutorial

0.2.1 (2020.1.23)

  • better tutorial
  • better strategies

0.2.0 (2020.1.8)

  • new interface for singing and callbacks
  • new interface for exogenous contracts
  • improved decentralizing strategy

0.1.5 (2019.12.11)

  • correcting tournament implementation for SCML2020
  • updates to SCML2019 agents to be compatible with newer versions of negmas

0.1.3 (2019-12-08)

  • adding run2020 to scml commands (see the command line tool’s documentation)
  • Now tournaments run for SCML 2020 configuration

0.1.2 (2019-12-01)

  • Adding SCML 2020 simulation.

0.1.1 (2019-11-25)

  • Adding all agents from SCML 2019 competition to the scml2019 package.
  • Adding first draft of SCML 2020 implementation.

0.1.0 (2019-11-20)

  • First release on PyPI.

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