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Simple config supporting CLI modification

Project description

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sconf: Simple config system supporting CLI modification

sconf is yaml-based simple config library.


  • Supports merging multiple configs
  • Supports CLI modification by argparse-like interface
  • Supports coloring modified key-values
  • Supports global access to config objects


$ pip install sconf



A Minimal Example

from sconf import Config

cfg = Config(default="configs/defaults.yaml")
cfg.argv_update()  # apply CLI modification

You can modify cfg by CLI in the runtime, by argparse-like interface.

Init with argparse and multiple configs

import argparse
from sconf import Config

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("config_paths", nargs="*")
parser.add_argument("--show", action="store_true", default=False)
args, left_argv = parser.parse_known_args()

# merging multiple configs if given
cfg = Config(*args.config_paths, default="configs/defaults.yaml")


python example configs/exp.yaml --lr 0.1

The resulting cfg is based on configs/defaults.yaml, merged with configs/exp.yaml, and updated by --lr 0.1.


sconf dumps contents with coloring modified items.


# If you do not want to colorize:


  • Item access with dictionary-like interfaces:
# access

# get
print(cfg.get('non-key', 'default-value'))

# unpacking
  • Attribute access:
  • Note that the attribute access returns method object for the duplicated key, unlike the item access.
cfg = Config({'get': 2})

print(cfg['get'])  # 2
print(cfg.get)  # method object

CLI modification

sconf supports CLI modification like argparse. Also you can access to the child key using dot.

# yaml example
batch_size: 64
        n_channels: 64
        n_channels: 64
  • CLI modification:
> python --batch_size 128 --model.encoder.n_channels 32
  • Accessing via partial key is also available:
> python --encoder.n_channels 32
  • Use triple dashs --- if you want to modify multiple keys:
# modifying encoder.n_channels and decoder.n_channels both.
> python ---n_channels 32

Global access to config object

Global access is useful in ML project, even though it can be anti-pattern in SW engineering.

cfg = Config({'weight_decay': 0.001})  # first config is automatically registered to 'default' key

cfg = Config.get_default()  # get 'default' config
print(cfg.weight_decay)  # 0.001

Note from_registry helps global access to multiple configs.


  • sconf use utf-8 as a default encoding. If you want different encoding, use file pointer (open function) instead of file path as a key.

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