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Scrapfly SDK for Scrapfly

Project description

Scrapfly SDK


pip install scrapfly-sdk

You can also install extra dependencies

  • pip install "scrapfly-sdk[seepdup]" for performance improvement
  • pip install "scrapfly-sdk[concurrency]" for concurrency out of the box (asyncio / thread)
  • pip install "scrapfly-sdk[scrapy]" for scrapy integration
  • pip install "scrapfly-sdk[all]" Everything!

For use of built-in HTML parser (via ScrapeApiResponse.selector property) additional requirement of either parsel or scrapy is required.

For reference of usage or examples, please checkout the folder /examples in this repository.

Get Your API Key

You can create a free account on Scrapfly to get your API Key.


Migrate from 0.7.x to 0.8

asyncio-pool dependency has been dropped

scrapfly.concurrent_scrape is now an async generator. If the concurrency is None or not defined, the max concurrency allowed by your current subscription is used.

    async for result in scrapfly.concurrent_scrape(concurrency=10, scrape_configs=[ScrapConfig(...), ...]):

brotli args is deprecated and will be removed in the next minor. There is not benefit in most of case versus gzip regarding and size and use more CPU.

What's new


  • Better error log
  • Async/Improvement for concurrent scrape with asyncio
  • Scrapy media pipeline are now supported out of the box

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scrapfly-sdk-0.8.17.tar.gz (27.8 kB view hashes)

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scrapfly_sdk-0.8.17-py3-none-any.whl (32.6 kB view hashes)

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