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Scrapy downloader middleware to interact with agentfive API

Project description

This package provides a Scrapy Downloader Middleware to interact with the agentfive API.


  • Python 3.5+
  • Scrapy 1.6+


pip install scrapy-agentfive-middleware


Enable the AgentfiveMiddleware via the DOWNLOADER_MIDDLEWARES setting:

    "agentfive_middleware.AgentfiveMiddleware": 585,

Please note that the middleware needs to be placed before the built-in HttpCompressionMiddleware middleware (which has a priority of 590), otherwise incoming responses will be compressed and the agentfive middleware won't be able to handle them.


  • AGENTFIVE_KEY (type str)

    API key to be used to authenticate against the agentfive API.

  • AGENTFIVE_API_URL (Type str, default "")

    The endpoint of a agentfive API.

  • AGENTFIVE_DEFAULT_ARGS (type dict, default {})

    Default values to be sent to the agentfive API. For instance, set to {"profile": "mobile"} to set all requests with a mobile profile.


If the middleware is enabled, by default all requests will be redirected to the specified agentfive API endpoint, and append necessary params which agentfive API expected.

For example:


will be set to agentfive API and let agentfive to fetch the url.

Additional arguments

Additional arguments could be specified under the agentfive Request.meta key. For instance:

    meta={"crawlera_fetch": {"render": True, "wait_ms": 5000}},

for more information on agentfive API parameter, please refer to agentfive document.

Skipping requests

You can instruct the middleware to skip a specific request by setting the agentfive.skip Request.meta key:

    meta={"agentfive": {"skip": True}},

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