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A package providing code generation command for scrapy CLI

Project description


A package providing code generation command for scrapy CLI.

The project is a WIP, so expect major changes and additions (latter, mostly). Master branch is to be considered as always ready to use, with major changes/features introduced in feature branches.

This is a part of a bigger project - Scrapy Boilerplate.

The command works with a specific scrapy project structure (not the default one). Rationale for this is described here.


This is a scrapy command to generate class files and automatically add imports to respective module's __init__ files. It can be used as follows:

scrapy new spider SampleSpider

The first argument (spider) is a type of class file to be generated, and can be one of the following:

  • command
  • extension
  • item
  • middleware
  • model
  • pipeline
  • spider

The second argument is class name.

Also for pipeline and spider class an option --rabbit can be used to add RabbitMQ connection code to generated source.

Option --item with value CLASSNAME is supported for generating pipelines, which adds an import and type-check for a provided item class to the resulting code.

Option --settings is also supported for pipelines, extension, middlewares and spider middlewares. It has an optional integer value PRIORITY that adds specified priority. If only -s is used, settings file will be

(experimental) Option --file is used for specifying settings file name (or class). You can use spider file for adding newly generated class to spiders' custom_settings property. If you enumerate file names (or class names) using , (like -f SomeSpider,AnotherSpider) - script will add generated class to custom_settings of each file. If only -f is used, will be used default priority (300).

Option --terminal will output 'custom_settings' code to terminal.

Option --custom can be used for custom template folder path. Template names should be like {}.py.mako. Option will enable usage of TEMPLATES_MODULE setting from projects` If this setting is not defined, will cause exception.


This command is included in the Scrapy Boilerplate out of the box. If you want to install it manually, you can get it from PyPi:

pip install scrapy-new

Please note that this package won't work with default Scrapy project structure, it requires a specific custom one, as described here.

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