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Python-scss is SCSS compiler for Python. See for more information about scss syntax.

Project description



Im not support python-scss anymore. Use pyscss by Kronus.

Python-scss is SCSS compiler for python. Documentation available at pypi or github. This is part of zeta-library.


Python-scss has most of the funcitonality in Sass SCSS 3.2 and more. It supports:

  • Nested rules

  • Keyword arguments

  • Mixins: @mixin, @include

  • Functions: @function, @return

  • Inheritance: @extend

  • Conditions: @if, @else, @if else

  • Loops: @for

  • Variables: $, @variables, @vars

  • Images: image-url, image-width, image-height, ..

  • Embedded inline images: inline-image

  • Colors handling: adjust-color(), scale-color(), opacify()/transparentize(), lighten()/darken(), mix(), …

  • Math functions: sin(), cos(), tan(), round(), ceil(), floor(), pi(), …

  • Options: @option compress:true, sort:false;, @option comments:false;

  • Compass_ helpers: enumerate, type-of, …

  • Sorting declarations: in Zen sorting order


  • python >= 2.5

  • pyparsing >= 1.5.5


python-scss should be installed using pip or setuptools:

pip install scss

easy_install scss


  1. From python source code:

    from scss import parser
    file_path = path_to_file
    src = open( file_path ).read()
    # from file
    print parser.load( 'file_path' )
    # from string
    print parser.parse( 'src' )
    # Create parser object
    p = parser.Stylesheet( options=dict( compress=True ) )
    print p.loads( src )
    p.load( file_path )
    print p
  2. From command line:

    $ scss --help
    Usage: scss [OPTION]... [INFILE] [OUTFILE]
    Compile INFILE or standard input, to OUTFILE or standard output.
    --version             show program's version number and exit
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    -c, --cache           Create and use cache file. Only for files.
    -i, --interactive     Run in interactive shell mode.
    -m, --compress        Compress css output.
    -w WATCH, --watch=WATCH
                            Watch files or directories for changes. The location
                            of the generated CSS can be set using a colon:
                            scss -w input.scss:output.css
    -S, --no-sorted       Do not sort declaration.
    -C, --no-comments     Clear css comments.
    -W, --no-warnings     Disable warnings.
  3. In interactive mode:

    scss -i
    >>> 25px + 1.5em


Make sure you`ve read the following document if you are upgrading from previous versions of scss:


  1. Nested Rules


    .selector {
        a {
            display: block;
        strong {
            color: blue;


    .selector a {
        display: block}
    .selector strong {
        color: blue}
  2. Variables


    $main-color: #ce4dd6;
    $style: solid;
    $side: bottom;
    #navbar {
        border-#{$side}: {
        color: $main-color;
        style: $style;


    #navbar {
        border-bottom-color: #ce4dd6;
        border-bottom-style: solid}
  3. Mixins


    @mixin rounded($side, $radius: 10px) {
        border-#{$side}-radius: $radius;
        -moz-border-radius-#{$side}: $radius;
        -webkit-border-#{$side}-radius: $radius;
    #navbar li { @include rounded(top); }
    #footer { @include rounded(top, 5px); }
    #sidebar { @include rounded(left, 8px); }


    #navbar li {
            -moz-border-radius-top: 10px;
            -webkit-border-top-radius: 10px;
            border-top-radius: 10px}
    #footer {
            -moz-border-radius-top: 5px;
            -webkit-border-top-radius: 5px;
            border-top-radius: 5px}
    #sidebar {
            -moz-border-radius-left: 8px;
            -webkit-border-left-radius: 8px;
            border-left-radius: 8px}
  4. Extend (using @extend)


    .error {
        border: 1px #f00;
        background-color: #fdd;
    .error.intrusion {
        background-image: url("/image/hacked.png");
    .seriousError {
        @extend .error;
        border-width: 3px;


    .error, .seriousError {
        background-color: #fdd;
        border: 1px #f00}
    .error .intrusion, .seriousError .intrusion {
        background-image: url('/image/hacked.png')}
    .seriousError {
        border-width: 3px}
  5. Interactive mode


    $ python --interactive
    >>> 25px + 1.5em
    >>> lighten(rgba(130,130,130,.4),10%)
    >>> .rule { test: red; }
    .rule {
        test: red }
    >>> _


Python-scss has the following options:

  • compress: Compress output css, default is False

  • cache: Precache compile result, default is False

  • comments: Leave css comments, default is True

  • sort: Sort declaration, default is True Declaration sorted in Zen sorting order

  • warn: Enable or disable warnings: unknown mixin, declaration name, extend ruleset, default is True

Option can be defined…

  1. from command line:

    scss -m -S file.scss
  2. from python:

    parser = Stylesheet( options=dict( compress=True ) )
  3. from scss source:

    @option compress: true, sort: false;

Bug tracker

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or annoyances please report them to the issue tracker at


Development of python-scss happens at github:

  • klen (Kirill Klenov)


Licensed under a GNU lesser general public license.


Your feedback are welcome!

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