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A shared library for SDC services that use JWT with JWE

Project description


Build Status Codacy Badge codecov A common source code library for SDC services that use JWE. Apps wishing to use this should add the sdc_cryptography dependency to their requirements.txt and install with pip.

Basic Use (with pipenv, recommended)

Install requirements

pip install pipenv
make build

Run the unit tests

pipenv run make test

Create a package for deployment

pipenv run make sdist

Basic Use (with activated virtual environment)

Install requirements

These commands will generate a requirements file that pip can use. It doesn't have to be created this way but this is the easiest way.

pip install pipenv
pipenv lock -r --dev > requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the unit tests

make test

Create a package for deployment

make sdist


Need to generate a keys.yml file first. Note, this requires a file system to store the file. Then it needs to be loaded, and a key store generated. <key_folder_location>

After this has been configured, encrypting and decrypting can be done as in the example below.

secrets_from_file = yaml.safe_load("keys.yml")

validate_required_secrets(secrets_from_file, EXPECTED_SECRETS, KEY_PURPOSE_SUBMISSION)

key_store = KeyStore(secrets_from_file)

# Encrypt JSON (Purpose has a single encryption key in the key store)
from sdc.crypto.encrypter import encrypt
encrypted_json = encrypt(json, key_store, key_purpose)

# Encrypt JSON with encryption service (Purpose has multiple encryption keys in the key store each tagged with a service)
from sdc.crypto.encrypter import encrypt
encrypted_json = encrypt(json, key_store, key_purpose, encryption_for_service="some-service")

# Decrypt UTF8 jwe token
from sdc.crypto.decrypter import decrypt
data_bytes = data.decode('UTF8')
decrypted_json = decrypt(data_bytes, key_store, key_purpose)


This repo is available from PyPi at sdc-cryptography

The package is published automatically to PyPi when a tag is created in Github. The configuration for this is in the .travis.yml file.

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