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Toolsuite for dealing with the MaNGA dataset

Project description

Marvin is the ultimate tool to visualise and analyse MaNGA data. It is developed and maintained by the MaNGA team.

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To install Marvin:

pip install sdss-marvin

If you would like to contribute to Marvin’s development, you can clone this git repo, and run pip install in editable mode which will install all the dev dependencies:

git clone
cd marvin
pip install -e ".[dev,web,db]"

This will install all dependencies needed for development and testing, including for the Marvin web/api server and the Marvin use of the MaNGA database.


To run the test suite on Marvin, use pytest tests/. By default this will run all tests against Marvin’s core file access mode, as well as its database and remote access modes. The test suite uses the following two galaxies: 8485-1901 and 7443-12701 for testing. To successfully run all tests you will need:

  • The file data for the two test galaxies

  • A local MaNGA database with the galaxy loaded into it

  • A local Marvin web server running

You can download the necessary test data with the command.

python bin/

You can run a local Marvin web server with the following command. This will start a local web server running in debug mode on port 5000.

cd bin/
run_marvin -d -p 5000

You can disable database and web server tests by using Pytest markers. The availble markers and options are:

  • slow: Run only slow tests.

  • uses_db: Run only tests that use the database.

  • uses_web: Run only tests that use the web/api server.

  • –local-only: Run only tests that use local data.

To run the test suite minimally against the core marvin package with local file access, use the following command:

pytest --local-only -m "not uses_db and not uses_web and not slow" tests/

What is Marvin?

Marvin is a complete ecosystem designed for overcoming the challenge of searching, accessing, and visualizing the MaNGA data. It consists of a three-pronged approach of a web app, a python package, and an API. The web app, Marvin-web, provides an easily accessible interface for searching the MaNGA data and visual exploration of individual MaNGA galaxies or of the entire sample. The python package, in particular Marvin-tools, allows users to easily and efficiently interact with the MaNGA data via local files, files retrieved from the Science Archive Server, or data directly grabbed from the database. The tools come mainly in the form of convenience functions and classes for interacting with the data. An additional tool is a powerful query functionality that uses the API to query the MaNGA databases and return the search results to your python session. Marvin-API is the critical link that allows Marvin-tools and Marvin-web to interact with the databases, which enables users to harness the statistical power of the MaNGA data set.


You can find the latest Marvin documentation here.

Citation and Acknowledgements

If you use Marvin for work/research presented in a publication (whether directly, or as a dependency to another package), we ask that you cite the Marvin Software (BibTeX). We provide the following as a standard acknowledgment you can use if there is not a specific place to cite the DOI:

*This research made use of Marvin, a core Python package and web framework for MaNGA data, developed by Brian Cherinka, José Sánchez-Gallego, Brett Andrews, and Joel Brownstein. (MaNGA Collaboration, 2018).*

Marvin’s Bibtex entry to use:

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Marvin is licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see the file.

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