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Mocks that whitelist its interface

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Sealed Mock

Whitelist the attributes/methods of your mocks instead of just letting it create new mock objects.

sealedmock allows to specify when you are done defining the mock, ensuring that any unexpected call to the mock is cached.


from unittest.mock import Mock
from sealedmock import seal
m = Mock()
m.method1.return_value.attr1.method2.return_value = 1
seal(m)  # No new attributes can be declared
# 1
# Exception: AttributeError mock.method1().attr2

Big news! This is getting into Python3.7! See this PR.


pip install sealedmock


Given you have a file like:

import urllib2

class SampleCodeClass(object):
    """This is sample code"""
    def calling_urlopen(self):
        return urllib2.urlopen("")

    def calling_splithost(self):
        return urllib2.splithost("//host:port/path")

You can write a test like:

from unittest.mock import patch
from sealedmock import seal
def test_using_decorator(mock):
        sample = sample_code.SampleCodeClass()
        mock.urlopen.return_value = 2

        seal(mock)  # No new attributes can be declared

        # calling urlopen succeeds as mock.urlopen has been defined

        # This will fail as mock.splithost has not been defined

If you use an common Mock the second part will pass as it will create a mock for you and return it. With sealedmock you can choose when to stop that behaviour.

This is recursive so you can write:

def test_recursive(mock):
        sample = sample_code.SampleCodeClass()
        mock.secret.call1.call2.call3.return_value = 1
        seal(mock)  # No new attributes can be declared

        # If secret is not used as specified above it will fail
        # ex: if do_stuff also calls secret.call1.call9

It also prevents typos on tests if used like this:

def test_recursive(mock):
        sample = sample_code.SampleCodeClass()


        # Note the typo in asert (should be assert)
        # A sealed mock will rise, normal mock won't

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