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A collection of tools shared with different Seantis Plone modules.

Project description


  • Python 2.7

  • Plone 4.3+

  • Linux / Posix ( Windows may or may not work )

Build Status


Latest PyPI Release

Latest PyPI Release


seantis.plonetools is released under MIT


0.18 (2015-11-12)

  • Avoid empty usernames for unrestricted users based on anonymous users. [msom]

0.17 (2015-10-08)

  • Add memory profiling decorator. [msom]

  • Update test dependencies. [msom]

0.16 (2014-12-15)

  • Functions using the catalog can now operate on other catalogs than ‘portal-catalog’. [href]

0.15 (2014-10-29)

  • Removes forgotten print statement. [href]

0.14 (2014-10-28)

  • Adds a contextmanager with which code paths can be run under a different role. [href]

  • Ports async clockserver module from [href]

0.13 (2014-10-22)

  • Adds Swiss social security number (“Neue AHV Nummer”) field. [href]

  • Adds IBAN schema field. [href]

  • Adds HexColor schema field. [href]

0.12 (2014-06-04)

  • Adds a script to configure the mail host settings from the commandline. [href]

  • BeakerSessionDataManager can now also be installed if no session data manager exists in the Zope root. [href]

0.11 (2014-03-26)

  • The email validator now strips whitespace before checking. [href]

  • Adds custom title behavior which allows to set the title/id of an object easily. [href]

  • Adds basegroup class for easy formset/formgroup management on forms. [href]

0.10 (2014-03-03)

  • Adds script to install the BeakerSessionDataManager to a Zope instance. [href]

  • Adds base classes for forms and views that include helper functions. Subject to change as a good middle ground for different modules is found. [href]


  • The new_dexterity_type function no longer overwrites the ‘klass’ attribute. Fixes #1.


  • Adds a safe_html function

  • Fixes tools.get_parent returning a non-brain parent for brain input



  • Fixes the schemafields from being unwritable by the supermodel


  • Adds Email and Website fields for supermodel, schemaeditor, zope.schema


  • New function to search for Dexterity FTI’s that use a certain schema

  • New translator function for translating text with the request language


  • Renames to


  • Adds commonly used javascripts


  • Initial release

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