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Python client for the glorious food trucks in Seattle

Project description


A Python 3.6+ library for discovering Seattle Food Truck schedules

Installation · Tutorial · Command Line Utility · Contributing

PyPI version


 pip install seattle-food-truck


The Client allows you to discover convenient or nearby locations where food trucks are scheduled to visit! After finding a suitable Location we can query it for a schedule of trucks.

from seattle_food_truck import Client

sft = Client()

You can discover locations through listing them all. All locations are memoized once they are discovered to speedup all future queries.

print(f'There are {len(sft.locations)} locations.\n')
There are 675 locations.

  Location(name="Metropolitan Park", address="1100 Olive Way, Seattle, WA, United States", uid=283),
  Location(name="10020 Southeast 256th Street, Kent, WA, USA", address="10020 Southeast 256th Street, Kent, WA, USA", uid=633),
  Location(name="1020 Central Avenue North, Kent, WA, USA", address="1020 Central Avenue North, Kent, WA, USA", uid=866),
  Location(name="10256 16th Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA, USA", address="10256 16th Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA, USA", uid=864),
  Location(name="103 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, USA", address="103 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, USA", uid=553),
  Location(name="104 Washington Avenue South, Orting, WA, USA", address="104 Washington Avenue South, Orting, WA, USA", uid=806),
  Location(name="10416 193rd Street Court East, Graham, WA, USA", address="10416 193rd Street Court East, Graham, WA, USA", uid=807),

It would be easier if we could sort the list of locations by their proximity to my home or job site! The Client provides two functions for this purpose.

The first discovers all locations ranked by their direct distance away.

address = '3131 Elliott Ave Seattle WA 98121'

for distance, location in sft.locations_closest_to(address):
    print(f'{distance:0.2f} miles away: {}')
    print('\t' + location.address)
0.11 miles away: PI Building
    101 Elliott Ave W, Seattle, WA, United States
0.27 miles away: Olympic Sculpture Park
    2901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
0.43 miles away: F5 Networks
    401 Elliott Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119, United States
0.66 miles away: Memorial Stadium
    401 5th Avenue North, Seattle, WA, United States

The second simply returns the location nearest to me.

location = sft.nearest_location_to(address)

for truck in location.trucks_today():
Truck("NOSH", style="Seafood")
Truck("Raney Brothers BBQ", style="BBQ")

Command Line Utility

A primitive CLI tool is installed with this library.

$ sft
Usage: sft [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Tool to get you the food trucks scheduled near you in Seattle.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  locations        Print the locations with food truck bookings.
  trucks-today     Print the truck bookings today.
  trucks-tomorrow  Print the truck bookings tomorrow
 sft trucks-tomorrow --location-uid 69
Truck("Sam Choy's Poke To The Max", style="Hawaiian")
Truck("Bumbu Truck", style="Asian")


Pull requests, feature requests, and issues welcome!

This library uses the undocumented API at

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