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SecondGuard Python Library

Project description

SecondGuard Python Client Library


Install from PyPI:

$ pip3 install --upgrade secondguard

Encrypt using the testing API token and testing RSA pubkey (no account needed):

from secondguard import sg_hybrid_encrypt, sg_hybrid_decrypt

your_secret = b"attack at dawn!"

# Testing credentials/pubkey (normally saved in your app's config):
YOUR_PUBKEY = '''-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----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\ncRfaU/jG6gorIFQvw8mw2hcCAwEAAQ==\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----\n'''

# Encrypt locally (symmetrically and asymmetrically) and save the results to your DB:
local_ciphertext, sg_recovery_instructions = sg_hybrid_encrypt(

# Asymmetrically decrypt sg_recovery_instructions (via SecondGuard API) and use it to symmetrically decrypt local_ciphertext: 
secret_recovered, rate_limit_info = sg_hybrid_decrypt( 

if your_secret == secret_recovered:
    print("Your secret was recovered: %s" % secret_recovered)

See to see how the protocol works.

Audit Log

For audit logging of decryption requests, we recommend storing the sha256 hash digest of the sg_recovery_instructions (base64 decoded) in an indexed column of your database. This makes it easy to see which records have been decrypted if your servers are breached. See the sg_hybrid_encrypt_with_auditlog() method with test coverage in

Under the Hood

Pull requests with test coverage are welcome!

Check out the code:

$ git checkout && cd secondguard-python.git

Create & activate a virtual environment, install dependencies & this library

$ python3 -m virtualenv .venv3 && source .venv3/bin/activate && pip3 install -r requirements.txt && pip3 install --editable .

Run tests (running tests requires having previously intalled an --editable local version of this repo):

$ pytest -v
====================================== test session starts =======================================
platform darwin -- Python 3.7.8, pytest-5.4.3, py-1.9.0, pluggy-0.13.1 -- /Users/mflaxman/workspace/secondguard-python/.venv3/bin/python
cachedir: .pytest_cache
rootdir: /Users/mflaxman/workspace/secondguard-python
collected 3 items                                                                                

tests/ PASSED                      [ 33%]
tests/ PASSED                                                  [ 66%]
tests/ PASSED                                                 [100%]

======================================= 3 passed in 0.39s ========================================

To update requirements.txt change and then run (requires pip-tools):

$ pip-compile

How these INSECURE testing RSA keys were created:

$ openssl genrsa -out insecureprivkey.pem 4096 && openssl rsa -in insecureprivkey.pem -pubout -out insecurepubkey.crt

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