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aiohttp additional security layer

Project description


not ready, work in progress for now!


XSS protection is implemented with CSP. secure-aihttp includes either predifined set of rules or custom implemented. Ability to log reports will be added soon.

CSP defines this directives:

all identification was taken from MDN web docs, which you should visit to dive deeper and undersend what each directive means. | directive | identification | |---------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | block-all-mixed-content | prevents loading any assets using HTTP when the page is loaded using HTTPS. | | child-src | defines the valid sources for web workers and nested browsing contexts loaded using elements such as <frame> and <iframe>. | | connect-src |restricts the URLs which can be loaded using script interfaces. | | default-src |serves as a fallback for the other CSP fetch directives. | | font-src |specifies valid sources for fonts loaded using @font-face | | form-action |restricts the URLs which can be used as the target of a form submissions from a given context. | | frame-ancestors |specifies valid parents that may embed a page using <frame>, <iframe>, <object>, <embed>, or <applet>. | | img-src |specifies valid sources of images and favicons. | | manifest-src |specifies which manifest can be applied to the resource. | | media-src |specifies valid sources for loading media using the <audio> and <video> elements. | | navigate-to |restricts the URLs to which a document can initiate navigations by any means including <form> (if form-action is not specified), <a>, window.location,, etc. This is an enforcement on what navigations this document initiates not on what this document is allowed to navigate to. | | object-src |specifies valid sources for the <object>, <embed>, and <applet> elements. | | plugin-types |restricts the set of plugins that can be embedded into a document by limiting the types of resources which can be loaded. | | prefetch-src |specifies valid resources that may be prefetched or prerendered. | | report-to | HTTP response header field instructs the user agent to store reporting endpoints for an origin. | | report-uri | Deprecated, used for compatability with old browser versions. | | sandbox |enables a sandbox for the requested resource similar to the <iframe> sandbox attribute. It applies restrictions to a page's actions including preventing popups, preventing the execution of plugins and scripts, and enforcing a same-origin policy. | | script-src |specifies valid sources for JavaScript. This includes not only URLs loaded directly into <script> elements, but also things like inline script event handlers (onclick) and XSLT stylesheets which can trigger script execution. | | script-src-attr |specifies valid sources for JavaScript inline event handlers. This includes only inline script event handlers like onclick, but not URLs loaded directly into <script> elements | | script-src-elem |specifies valid sources for JavaScript <script> elements, but not inline script event handlers like onclick. | | style-src |specifies valid sources for stylesheets. | | style-src-attr |specifies valid sources for inline styles applied to individual DOM elements. | | style-src-elem |specifies valid sources for stylesheets <style> elements and <link> elements with rel="stylesheet". | | upgrade-insecure-requests |instructs user agents to treat all of a site's insecure URLs (those served over HTTP) as though they have been replaced with secure URLs (those served over HTTPS). | | worker-src |specifies valid sources for Worker, SharedWorker, or ServiceWorker scripts. | | base-uri |restricts the URLs which can be used in a document's <base> element. |


secure-aiohttp is offered under the Apache 2 license.

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