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Command line client for SecureNotes

Project description

SecureNotes CLI client

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This is a CLI client for SecureNotes.

The client contains a separate API interface that can be used for writing more elaborate clients with Python.


    usage: [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-P PASSPHRASE]
                          [-H HOST] [--debug] [-s] [--raw]
                          {list,note,add,edit,delete,share,revoke,listshare} ...

    Secure Notes

    positional arguments:
                            Commands. For detailed help on command <command> use:
                   <command> -h
        list                List all notes created by or shared with you
        note                View a note
        add                 Add a new note
        edit                Change an existing note owned by you
        delete              Delete a note owned by you
        share               Share a note with another user
        revoke              Revoke the access of another user to your note
        listshare           List all users the note is shared with

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit

      -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
      -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
      -P PASSPHRASE, --passphrase PASSPHRASE
                            Phassphrase for encryption; if omitted, password is
      -H HOST, --host HOST  URL of server

    More options:
      --debug               Activate debug output
      -s, --save-as-defaults
                            Save generic options to config file
      --raw                 Show unformatted content

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