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Helpful tools for Selenium on Python

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Selenium Tools

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Current package is called Selenium Tools for a reason - it contains useful helpers that are not included into Selenium natively.

Contributions are very welcome!


pip install seletools

Drag & Drop

There is a known drag & drop bug that reproduces in frameworks that use webdriver to send commands to browser. This bug is a webdriver's issue, and it's unknown when it's going to be fixed (or if it's going to be fixed at all). Current solution uses JavaScript code to simulate drag & drop action on web page. It works in most of the cases when it doesn't work in Selenium.

You may find bug description and current workaround here.

Thanks to druska for his native js drag and drop helper.

from seletools.actions import drag_and_drop

driver = webdriver.Chrome()
source = driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR, "...")
target = driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR, "...")
drag_and_drop(driver, source, target)


This one helps to scroll vertically to any element on page, even if it's covered by some other element (like navbar or footer). If there's such obstacle - simply add that covering element into scrolling function as element2.

from seletools.actions import scroll_to_top, scroll_to_bottom

driver = webdriver.Chrome()
element1 = driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR, "...")
element2 = driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR, "...")  #optional, used only if you have obastacle (like navbar on footer) on top of the element that you need to scroll to

scroll_to_top(driver, element1, element2)
# OR
scroll_to_top(driver, element1)

scroll_to_bottom(driver, element1, element2)
# OR
scroll_to_bottom(driver, element1)

Getting webdriver's wait values

Selenium 4 already supports that feature, but versions prior 4 (3.141.0-) doesn't.

# get implicit wait value only
from seletools.waits import get_implicit_wait

implicit_wait = get_implicit_wait(driver)

# OR get all waits (non only implicit one)
from seletools.waits import Wait

waits = Waits(driver)
implicit_wait = waits.implicit
page_load = waits.page_load 
scripts = waits.scripts

Interaction with IndexedDB

It's possible to interact with IndexedDB database in browser via JavaScript. This interface helps get/update/insert data in existing databases and tables.

Important: it's necessary to have logging enabled for your webdriver instance, since there's no other way for Selenium to get data from IndexedDB than gather it from the console. Here's how you can enable logging in your webdriver:

from selenium.webdriver.common.desired_capabilities import DesiredCapabilities

dc["goog:loggingPrefs"] = {"browser": "ALL"}
driver = webdriver.Chrome(desired_capabilities=dc)


from seletools.indexeddb import IndexedDB

idb = IndexedDB(driver, "mydb", 3)  # webdriver instance, db name, db version
# GET value
value = idb.get_value("keyvaluepairs", "foo")  # table name, key in table
# PUT value (change existing)
idb.put_value("keyvaluepairs", "foo", "win")  # table name, key, new value
# ADD value
idb.add_value("keyvaluepairs", "war", "pain")  # table name, new key, new value
# REMOVE item
idb.remove_item("keyvaluepairs", "foo")  # table name, key in table

Interaction with Local Storage

Selenium doesn't support any Local Storage interactions natively, so usually actions like get/set were done with simple JavaScript snippets.

from seletools import localstorage

# GET value
value = localstorage.get_value(driver, "foo")  # webdriver instance, key in Local Storage
# SET value
localstorage.get_value(driver, "foo")  # webdriver instance, key in Local Storage, new value
# REMOVE item
localstorage.remove_item(driver, "foo")  # webdriver instance, key in Local Storage


HTML5 Drag & Drop action worked with CSS selectors only a while ago. Now it also supports XPath selectors.

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