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shoe-horn a web page into a single html file

Project description

Make HTML more self-contained by in-lining:

  • JavaScript (minified)

  • CSS (minified)

  • Images (base-64 encoded)

    • Including (explicitly linked) favicons

For straightforward cases, this will take an HTML document which might have external dependencies and return an HTML document with no external dependencies - a single self-contained file that you could send as an email attachment, or show as a presentation without worrying about internet connectivity, for example.

Cases that are not straightforward are those that involve loading things via JavaScript, iframe things, fonts, and things I haven’t thought of. Pull requests welcome!


Loaded as a module, selfcontain() takes an HTML string and base path or URL and is the main function to know. Command-line usage wraps the minor extension selfcontain_ref(), which takes a string specifying a file path or URL to fetch and process:

selfcontain test_in.html > test_out.html
# or
selfcontain > test_out.html

Project details

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selfcontain-0.2.tar.gz (3.1 kB view hashes)

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