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Shared helpers used by the different ate-apps, i.e. master-app, control-app, etc.)

Project description


Semiconductor Automated Test Equipment

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Semi-ATE is a tester- and instruments AGNOSTIC framework for Semiconductor ATE ASIC testing projects.

This means that the system is not build around a specific instrument (let's consider an ATE tester for a moment as a super instrument), it rather focuses on organizing semiconductor testing in such a way that all use- (and special) corner cases have their well known place. This enables the users (read: DE's, TCE's, TE's & PE's) to focus on the REAL work, being the writing of good, fast and stable tests. Organizing tests into test-programs and test-programs in to flows is handled by wizards, so the only code that needs writing is the actual test! (motto: Code is our enemy)

The Semi-ATE package is written purely in Python (noarch) and provides besides libraries also a plugin to the Spyder IDE.


The Semi-ATE project is maintained in this single repository, however it is released as a set of packages (all with the same version number) to accomodate the different use-cases.

Package Name PyPI Version conda Version feedstock
Semi-ATE-common PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-project-database PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-sammy PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-plugins PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-testers PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-spyder PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-apps-common PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-control-app PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-master-app PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-test-app PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock
Semi-ATE-installer PyPI Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock

3rd party packages needed:

mosquitto : Conda (channel only) conda-forge feedstock

Installation (on a MiniSCT)

  1. login as sct/sct
  2. in the home directory there should be a directory repos
  3. in repos there is a Semi-ATE directory (holding the relevant Semi-ATE git repositories)
  • TCC_actuators : git clone

Run (on a MiniSCT)

  1. Make sure you have a "test cell" configured as follows : image

=== Installation of the packages can be achieved via conda or pip.

Installation using pip

Each package can be installed using python -m pip install <package-name>:

python -m pip install semi-ate-common
python -m pip install semi-ate-project-database
python -m pip install semi-ate-sammy
python -m pip install semi-ate-plugins
python -m pip install semi-ate-testers
python -m pip install semi-ate-spyder
python -m pip install semi-ate-apps-common
python -m pip install semi-ate-control-app
python -m pip install semi-ate-master-app
python -m pip install semi-ate-test-app

Or all at once:

python -m pip install semi-ate-common semi-ate-project-database semi-ate-sammy semi-ate-plugins semi-ate-testers semi-ate-spyder semi-ate-apps-common semi-ate-control-app semi-ate-master-app semi-ate-test-app

Installation via Conda

To be defined

Development Process

Test program development process documentation can be found here

ATE Apps Common Package

This package provides helper and utility functions that are used by the other semit-ate applications. When writing this document the following semi-ate applications do exist:

  • semi-ate-master-app
  • semi-ate-control-app
  • semi-ate-test-app
  • semi-ate-handler-app

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

semi-ate-apps-common-1.0.15.tar.gz (20.4 kB view hashes)

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