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A simple python API client to control Sengled smart devices

Project description

Sengled Python Client

A simple Python client to control Sengled light and plug accessories.

There are other accessories but this was only tested with these three devices:

  • A19 element color plus (E11-N1EA)
  • A19 element classic (E11-G13)
  • Smart plug (E1C-NB6)


pip install sengled-client


Create the API client:

import sengled

api = sengled.api(
    # The username/password that you used to create your mobile account in
    # the Sengled Home app.

    # Optional path to persist the session across multiple process
    # starts and reduce the number of logins.

    # Prints details of the api request/responses when True, defaults to false.

Alternatively, set SENGLED_* environment variables that match the api arguments.

import sengled

api = sengled.api_from_env()

List all devices

devices = api.get_device_details()

List lamps that support colors

colored = api.filter_colored_lamps()

List lamps that support color temperature

temperature = api.filter_color_temperature_lamps()

The API can be used to modify a list of devices or single devices


api.set_brightness(devices, 100)

api.set_color(colored, [255, 0, 0])

api.set_color_temperature(temperature, 100)


api.set_on_off(devices, True)

You can search for single devices

api.find_by_id("B0CE18140000EB41") #=> SengledLampDevice

api.find_by_name("Office Bulb 1")  #=> SengledLampDevice

And finally you can operate directly on SengledLampDevices

bulb = api.find_by_name("Office Bulb 1")

Or chain the actions:

api.find_by_name("Office Bulb 2") \
   .on() \
   .set_brightness(50) \
   .set_color([0, 0, 255])

Note that all API calls will raise based on status_code via request's raise_for_status() method. Action methods will also raise a RuntimeError if the success field is returned with a value of False.

How this came about?

This was reverse engineered from multiple different repositories found on GitHub as well as and some guessing. See also:

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