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Hypixel SkyBlock Weight Calculator.

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Hypixel SkyBlock Weight Calculator


Written without any external libraries other than aiohttp which is used to fetch data from the Hypixel API.

This requires a Hypixel API key. You may obtain one by logging onto with your Minecraft client and typing /api new.


  • Senither - Original author of the calculator
  • timnoot - Ported the calculator to Python.


from senitherweight import SenitherWeight
import asyncio

senither = SenitherWeight("API-KEY-HERE")

async def main():
    # using a UUID
    print(await senither.get_weight("e710ff36fe334c0e8401bda9d24fa121"))

    # using a username
    print(await senither.get_weight_from_name("timnoot"))

    # functions for if you wish to see a certain profile instead of the most recently used profile
    print(await senither.get_weight_from_name("MooshiMochi", "Orange"))
    print(await senither.get_weight("0ce87d5afa5f4619ae78872d9c5e07fe", "Mango"))

    # get raw weight from raw data, read the JSDoc for more information
    # this does not return the uuid and username fields but it does not make any requests
            'mining': 183102234.88907138, 'foraging': 61906511.969001345, 'enchanting': 508444404.0935615,
            'farming': 136267563.7507943, 'combat': 418778146.1766783, 'fishing': 110893816.12596695,
            'alchemy': 112877401.723031, 'taming': 488698175.13185537
            'healer': {'experience': 129196634.63940006},
            'mage': {'experience': 156073711.0390862},
            'berserk': {'experience': 304167530.58791596},
            'archer': {'experience': 235720208.66076514},
            'tank': {'experience': 192383702.58436698}
            'zombie': {'xp': 2115212},
            'spider': {'xp': 1913691},
            'wolf': {'xp': 1200006},
            'enderman': {'xp': 1000500},
            'blaze': {'xp': 255}

Example output of one of the functions, in JSON:

  "total": 5902.302984602829,
  "skill_weight": 3013.6795988302724,
  "dungeon_weight": 2357.485394537336,
  "slayer_weight": 531.1379912352199

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