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A python library for interfacing with various sensors

Project description


Sensational is a library for interfacing with various sensors.

The intention behind this library is:

  • To make connecting to and interacting with sensor chips a breeze
  • To be readily expandable while keeping things sensible and tidy


#!/usr/bin/env python3
from smbus2 import SMBus
from sensational.sensors import MPU9250

bus = SMBus(1)
sensor = MPU9250(bus)


Daniel 'Vector' Kerr


MIT. See the LICENSE file for details.


Perception classes are models used to capture something that can be perceived. Examples include:

  • Acceleration
  • Depth
  • Magnetism
  • Temperature
  • ...

These classes are mostly used to provide a consistent interface that can be interrogated with isinstance() calls and such. They're not essential but they add a bit of structure.


Sensational makes use of typed units to allow for better interoperability between readings from different sensors, and also to introduce some basic sanity checks when performing operations on perceived values.

This library uses pint for unit definitions by default.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from sensational.units import u

# Define some values with units
three_meters = u(3, u.meter)
one_hour = u(1, u.hour)
thirty_minutes = u(30, u.minute)
twenty_five_degrees = u(25.0, u.celsius)

# Add 30 minutes to 1 hour
one_and_a_half_hours = one_hour + thirty_minutes

# Add temperature to distance (what?!)
    this_will_fail = twenty_five_degrees + three_meters
    print("You can't add temperature to distance, silly!")

# Compound units - acceleration
gravity_earth = u(9.8, u.meter / u.second / u.second)
print("Earth's gravity is", gravity_earth)

# Compound Units - velocity
meters_per_hour = three_meters / one_and_a_half_hours
print("Distance over time is", meters_per_hour)

Custom Units Provider

If you would like to use a different units provider (for example, units, numericalunits, astropy.units, scimath.units, ...), feel free to create a factory for it. Create and populate a subclass of sensational.units.UnitsFactory, and then assign it as the default provider by calling u.SetFactory(instance).

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from sensational.units import u
from sensational.units import UnitsFactory

class CustomUnitsFactory(UnitsFactory):
    # ...

custom_units_factory = CustomUnitsFactory()

Units with Custom Sensors

If you decide to create your own sensor (yay!), be sure to initialise all unit-based values with u(quantity, unit). This is to cater for differences in implementations across unit providers, as some (coughpintcough) don't behave very well when dealing with units that aren't plain multiplicative scales of each other (e.g., ºK, ºC and ºF, because they don't share the same zero point or scale).

If you don't do this, you or the user of your sensor might run into trouble.

See the source code for the existing sensors for examples of initializing values returned from sensor readings if you're not sure!

i2c Sensors

The following I2C sensors are supported by this library.


SparkFun IMU Breakout (View Product Page)

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from sensational.sensors import MPU9250
from smbus2 import SMBus
from time import sleep

def main():
    bus = SMBus(1)
    imu = MPU9250(bus)
    while True:

if __name__ == '__main__':


3-Axis Magnetometer (View Datasheet)

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from sensational.sensors import MPU9250
from smbus2 import SMBus
from time import sleep

def main():
    bus = SMBus(1)
    magnetometer = AK8963(bus)
    while True:

if __name__ == '__main__':

Project details

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